How to View Students from the Course Roster

Reported Issue:

Instructors are no longer able to view student information by clicking on a student from the course roster. After the Limited Profile View release on 2/25/22, some instructors can no longer access some/all of their student records.

Why Is This Happening? What Changed?

The "Limited Profile View" feature removed the ability to link to a student that is not included in the instructor's caseload.

For example, students that were "followed" by the instructor prior to the release will appear in the Instructors caseload. However students that were not followed prior to the release (and are not the staff member/instructor's advisees) will no longer display student information when clicked on from the Instructor Courses tab course rosters, as they are "off-caseload".


There are a few options to help resolve this:

  1. Leave the roster students "off-caseload" and set permissions on the "Limited Profile View" for the instructor's role(s) in Role Administration.
    • This will allow instructors to view items defined in role administration for a "limited view" of ALL students that are not included in their caseload, including students they instruct.
    • For instructions on how to set the Limited Profile View, click here.
  2. Add "Students I Instruct" to the user's caseload in User Settings - Caseload.
    • After including instructed students in the instructor's caseload, instructors will see the student's "Full Profile View".
    • Verify that the instructor's role(s) permissions allow "Can See Full Profile For My Caseload".
    • For more information about Instructor Settings, click here.
  3. As a last resort, you may wish to enable permissions on the "Limited Profile View" to match the "Full Profile View" in Role Administration. This will allow the instructor to view student information by selecting a student from their roster and have the ability to access a "full profile view" on ALL students within SS&E.
    • If this is the chosen option, please open a ticket with SS&E Support to remove the option to search on all students from the Global Search field.
    • Once the Global Search on all students is removed, instructors will only be allowed to use the Global Search field to view student records that are included in their caseload if "Can See Full Profile View For All Students" is set to False.
    • If the Global Search on all students is disabled and "Can See Full Profile View For All Students" is set to True, then the Global Search will allow ALL users to search for ALL student records

Note: Instructor may be replaced by "Staff User", as this applies to any staff user that can no longer view student information the way they were accessing it before "Limited Profile" was released.



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