Meeting Service Delivery Locations


Service Delivery Locations Administration defines which locations are available for student/staff meetings.

  • Service delivery locations are used in Meeting Scheduler and in the SS&E Next Kiosk application.
  • Service delivery locations include every campus location offering an advising or academic service.


How to Add a New Service Delivery Location

To add a new service location, click the "New" button at the top of the page, then fill in the fields listed below.

  • Only Name and Location are required.


Service Delivery Location Fields


The name of the service delivery location is required.

  • The name represents where the service is being offerred. The name should be descriptive since the same service will most likely be offerred at multiple locations.
  • For example: Student Success Center - West, Financial Aid - West, Tutoring Center - West, Student Success Center - North, Financial Aid - North, Tutoring Center - South, etc.


The Active field enables and disables the specific service delivery location.

  • Deactivating a meeting service delivery location that is already used will not remove the selection from Meeting Scheduler.
  • Deactivating a service delivery location only prevents new meeting request locations from being "Added" through User Settings.
  • Past assignments of inactive meeting request locations still appear in meeting scheduler and must be manually deleted by each individual user or by impersonating each user associated with the inactive meeting request/service delivery location.



The campus location where the service delivery location is located is a required field.

  • Location selections are defined and imported from the SIS on the Location data feed.

*When scheduling a meeting, if a service delivery location is selected instead of a specific person to meet with, after selecting a date/time, the system will automatically choose someone from that service delivery location who is available at the selected date/time.

  • Note: Active service delivery locations associated with Inactive Locations will display in Meeting Scheduler. By design, the system will not automatically deactivate/remove a service delivery location that is associated with an inactive location. Therefore, service delivery locations must be manually deactivated in Service Delivery Locations Administration if needed. In addition, deactivating a service delivery location will 

Services Offered

Include all service offerings that are available at the specific service delivery location.

  • Services are defined in Service Offerings Administration.
  • Once an active service offering is added through Service Offerings Administration, they will automatically appear in the available "Services Offerred" selections.

SS&E Next Kiosk

The following Service Delivery Location settings ONLY apply to institutions that are using SS&E Next.

  • Institutions that are not using SS&E Next should not enable self-service check-in.
  • For more information about the Next Kiosk - Student View, click here.

Allow Self Service Check-in

Mark this checkbox to specify whether a location is used for student self-service.

  • When Self Service check-in is enabled, this allows students to immediately check themselves in to the Next Kiosk service delivery location, aka "center/room", and provide additional details about the reason for their visit. By design, a self-service location does not allow students to request meetings, therefore notifications are not sent out.
  • When Self Service check-in is disabled, the service location will be used for meeting requests, and notifications will be sent out when students sign in to the SS&E Next Kiosk.
  • For more details about Self Service Meeting Service Locations, please click here.

Create the Self Service Student Question

If self-service check-in is enabled, this will promt the student to provide some additional information.

  • Enter the exact prompt for this meeting service delivery location.
  • For example, if a tutoring center offers self-service check-in, the question may be "Who are you here to tutor with?"
  • This field does not have to be in the format of a question. For example, the prompt may be entered as "I am here to tutor with...".

Self Service Staff Person

If self-service check-in is enabled, check-ins will go to a specific staff member for tracking purposes.

  • This is not necessarily the person that the student is meeting with, and is usually set to a staff member in a manager role.
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