Using Quicklaunch SAML Identity Provider with SS&E and Next

If you are using or are planning to use Quicklaunch SAML as your identity provider there are a couple of extra tasks Quicklaunch needs to perform for you before SAML authentication will work with Watermark Student Success & Engagement products.

  1. You will need to request SAML service provider metadata from SS&E support or your implementation consultant to obtain the values you need to configure Quicklaunch. (If you are using Engage and Next you will need metadata for both)
  2. Once you have this information from SS&E you will need to work with your Quicklaunch project manager (or Quicklaunch support) to setup the SS&E service provider information in Quicklaunch.
    Note: If you are using both SS&E and Next you will need separate service providers setup (one for each).

  3. After the service provider entries are setup in Quicklaunch their technical support team will need to configure and provide you with a special URL that is different from the normal SAML redirect URL in the metadata from their configuration site. This URL will be similar to
    where "123" and "9876" are customized to your Quicklaunch tenant and SS&E service provider entry. If the Quicklaunch technical resource needs assistance configuring the backend settings for these URLs there are a number of other SS&E clients they can use as an example and SS&E support can provide additional assistance if needed.

  4. Once you have the Quicklaunch metadata and special SAML redirect URL you are ready to schedule a SAML test with SS&E. Please reach out to your implementation consultant or SS&E support at to schedule the necessary configuration work.
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