Meeting Types

Within SS&E, Meeting Types are defined globally. Meeting Types define the types of meetings that the institution offers for its students. An example of a meeting type is "30 Minute Face-to-Face" or "15 Minute Online Chat". Students will be able to select from these meetings types when walking through the meeting scheduler wizard within SS&E.

Note: At a minimum, one Meeting Type must be defined if using SS&E's Meeting Scheduler Module

Create a Meeting Type

To setup Meeting Types, an SS&E Administrator should follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration -> Meetings -> Meeting Types
  2. Click "New"
  3. Enter a name for the meeting type.
  4. Enter an additional information that should be displayed to the student about this meeting type.
  5. Set the duration of meetings associated with this meeting type.
  6. Identify whether the student is required to meet at the physical location.
  7. Set whether the Meeting Type is active.
  8. Click Save.

You may enter as many Meeting Types as desired by following the steps above.



Name - The name of the Meeting Type that will be shown to students when selecting which type of meeting they would like to have with a staff member.

Additional Info - Additional information that can be shown to the student about the meeting type.

Duration - The number of minutes a meeting of this type will typically run. This value will determine how SS&E looks for an available number of minutes on a staff calendar.

Require student to meet at location - Does this Meeting Type require the student to meet at the location?

Active - Whether this Meeting Type is active and available for the student or staff member to select when scheduling a new meeting*.

*Meetings may be scheduled by a student using the Meeting Schedler Wizard, or by a staff member scheduling a meeting for the "Student and Me" (this opens a meeting scheduling screen) or the "Student and Other Staff" (this opens the meeting scheduling wizard).

Removing a Meeting Type

To remove a meeting type from Meeting Types Configuration, use the "Delete" button from Meeting Type Administration.


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