How to "Override" a Duplicate Person Record


Duplicate person records represent multiple person records that are assigned the same username and/or primary (edu) email address.

Sometimes a user has duplicate records in SS&E causing the user to not be able to log in (since the system does not know who is trying to log in) or LMS data to sync with the "wrong" record and not display properly on the UI. The following steps explain how to remove information from a "duplicate" person record so that the user can log in and LMS data is associated with the proper person record.

  • The following steps require Administrative access to SS&E Administration.

Steps to Find and Override a Duplicate Person Record

  1. Navigate to Administration - People & Roles - People.
  2. Search for the duplicate Person by searching for multiple records associated with the same email. Identify the duplicate person record(s).
  3. Enter the "duplicate" Person ID. 
    • Search for each duplicate person that is not the "correct" person that is having trouble logging in or missing data from the LMS on their Courses tab.
  4. Select a duplicate Person record.
  5. For each duplicate person record, from their User Details page, select the Override menu from the top menu bar.
    • To override a duplicate Username, enter a fake value, or enter a blank space into the field to enter a blank username.
    • To override a duplicate Email Address, enter a fake value, update to the correct email address, or enter a blank space into the field to enter a blank email address. 
    • If the LMS is syncing with the wrong SS&E user, it is most likely that the LMS Id is associated with the wrong user. To remove a Person LMS ID association, enter a blank space on the "duplicate" user's Override menu in the LMS Id field.
  6. Click Save on the Override menu.
    • After entering/saving a blank space override value, verify that the "empty" override value is saved by noting that the Override field is empty and shaded in gray.
  7. The Override value will overwrite the username/email address in the database, and will also override these fields each time the data feeds are read from your SIS so that Person records will always show the overridden username/email address unless they are manually removed from the Override menu.
  8. If you choose to manually remove a Person Override value, this will not affect records until after the next SIS import runs (typically 4 times per day).

Deactivating/Removing (Archiving) a Person Record

If removing information via Override is not sufficient, you can mark the duplicate users "Inactive".

If using the Override menu and marking users as Inactive is not enough, there is no way to fully remove a user from being searched upon within SS&E Administration.

In order to completely remove a user from being seen on the UI, this requires an escalation to the Professional Services team to remove identifying information directly from the database.

For more information about deactivating and archiving a person record, click here.


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