6.0 Release FAQs


Does any of the functionality with following change with the icon change?

No, Following will still have the same functionality. 

Activity Feed 

What's included in the activity feed?
The activity feed keeps track of important updates to all kinds of items relating to a student or a group of students. For example, an alert being closed, a task changing status, an achievement being created are all displayed in the feed.
The feed includes events about Alerts, Achievements, Meetings, Notes, Surveys (if they are enabled for your institution), and Tasks, as well as events that you would previously see in the activity feed on your dashboard, including when a student is excused for a course, when a student drops a course, when a student views their Academic Plan, when a staff member follows a student, and when a student's success team changes.

What if a user does not have permission to view an alert? Will it still show up in the feed?
No. If a user does not have permission to view an item, whether it's an alert, a task, or a note, they will not be able to see it in the feed.

Who is notified when I comment on an item?
In an upcoming release, you will be able to select people to notify when you comment on an item. For now, no notifications are sent out when you comment on an item. Don't worry, notifications for alerts and tasks are still be sent as they were before this version.

How does this affect my Daily Digest?
Your daily digest will remain the same as it did in the previous version

How are items in the alerts and notes tab ordered?
These items are ordered by when they were last updated. So, for example, a note that was created last week but was commented on today will be at the top of the feed.

Whose picture is shown on the left for items in the activity feed?
The person on the left is the person who performed the action/change. So, for example, when an alert is closed, it's the person who closed the alert. When a student views their academic plan, it's the student. When a staff member creates a note for a student, it's the staff member.

How do I see open alerts about a group of students using the feed?
The best way to do this is to create a filter with the new "Has Open Alerts" checkbox checked. Then, limit the feed on this list of students to Alerts with the status of "Open". You'll see events about alerts that are currently open.

How do I add a note to an alert?
Instead of adding a note to an alert, it is better to just comment on the alert. Other users will be able to see your comment when viewing the alert and either create another comment on the alert or comment on your comment to create a conversation on how to address the alert. To see how many alerts have comments on them, you can create a new report using the report builder and a select number of comments as a column in the report.


Will every user be able to change their Dashboard settings, even if they do not have access to Reports?

The option to change the dashboard layout will be available to all users.  If a user would like to change their dashboard layout, they would navigate to the edit dashboard page and modify the value in the Layout section. After clicking this option, a modal will appear showing all of the different layouts a user can choose. This can be seen in the picture below. The only thing that they user will have to do after choosing a layout, is to rearrange their widgets to their liking and save.

File Manager 

Does the school need to use a specific system to take advantage of the new Documents Tab features?

Currently, this feature is only supported with Microsoft OneDrive. 

To begin using this feature, your institution must first open a support request with us. After that, we will need to do some configuration on our side and we will also need to work with your institution's Azure administrator to finish the setup process

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