Academic Planning Configuration

The academic planning configuration screen permits an institution to turn on/off the Academic Planning features within SS&E.

  • Both "Enable Academic Planning" and "Enable Academic Plan Generation" must be enabled, eg. set to Yes, in order to generate an academic plan.


Enable Academic Planning

This setting turns on/off academic planning throughout SS&E. Once enabled, the Plans menu will be available for staff. Both students and staff will also have access to build an academic plan.

Make Academic Plans Read Only

Disables interactive manipulation of academic plans. Enable this option if academic plans are being imported from another system.

Enable Academic Plan Audit

This setting is deprecated and is no longer used within SS&E

Enable Academic Plan Generation

Enables the automatic generation of (empty) academic plans for students. Disable this option if academic plans are being imported from another system.

Enable Academic Plan Template Generation

Academic plan templates permit an institution to build out coursework required for a given degree/program/term combination. These templates often represent curriculum guides at the institution. An institution may also create custom academic plan templates that do not match a standard curriculum offering, as these may better represent how a subpopulation of students will progress toward a degree or certificate. An example of this may be a part-time accounting template for those students who cannot attend full-time.

When this setting is on, SS&E will monitor the data coming from the underlying SIS and will create a template for each unique degree/program/term combination. In the creation process, if a template exists in a published state for the same program/degree combination, the content of that template will be copied forward into the newly created template. If there is not a template in a published state for the program/degree combination, a template will be created but the details of the template will need to be filled in by institution staff.

Registration Url

This url will display as a link called "Register on a student's academic plan. This link should be the website that student's need to go to in order to register for the academic term.

Academic Plan Template Name Text

During the academic plan template generation process described above, an institution may choose to have its template names deviate from the standard format. The default format is:

[${degreeProgram.program.acronym}] ${} - ${degreeProgram.academicCalendar.displayName}

which translates to:

[ACCT] Accounting - Fall 2017

To change the format, you may use any of the following variables in this field:

${degreeProgram.program.acronym} - Program Acronym

${} - Program Name

${} - Degree Acronym

${} - Degree Name

${degreeProgram.academicCalendar.displayName} - Academic Term Name

Important Note:

An academic plan can only display data for "semesters/terms/years" that are imported on the Academic Calendar data feed and defined here.

If there is a need to extend the Academic Planning feature, it is done by importing this data from the SIS on the Academic Calendar data feed so that future terms/years display in SS&E.


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