Using SAML for SS&E Authentication

Many institutions use SAML to provide a single sign-on implementation for the various applications used. Student Success & Engagement or SS&E also supports SAML.

Note that SS&E only supports service provider initiated SSO via SAML. IdP initiated SSO is not supported.

In order to configure SS&E to utilize SAML the following information must be provided by the institution:

  1. SAML Identify Provider (IdP). This is the brand and/or type of provider your institution is using.
  2. SAML IdP metadata/url.
  3. IdP endpoint.
  4. IdP EntityId.
  5. Attribute(s) that uniquely identify your users. This could be their email address, SIS identifier, or other attributes. These attributes are used to identify a single user account with the SS&E software.

Additional Resources

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