Using SAML for SS&E Authentication

SAML is a single sign-on protocol supported by various applications. Student Success & Engagement (SS&E) also supports SAML. Note that SS&E only supports service provider initiated SSO via SAML. IdP initiated SSO is not supported.

  • Watermark will provide SS&E metadata to the institution, which contains the information necessary to configure SS&E as a service provider.
  • The institution must provide the following information to Watermark:
    Note: If you are using SS&E and Next or a test instance you will need a separate service provider configuration for each one.
    • SAML Identify Provider (IdP). This is the brand and/or type of provider your institution is using
    • SAML IdP metadata/url
    • IdP endpoint
    • IdP EntityId
    • Attribute(s) that uniquely identify your users. This could be their email address, SIS identifier, or other attributes. These attributes are used to identify a single user account with the SS&E software. This is generally included on the Person data feed as the username or email address fields.

Additional Instructions

Please follow additional instructions if using Quicklaunch 8.

Please follow additional instructions if using OneLogin.

Multifactor Authentication

MFA as authentication is handled via the institution's authentication/SSO provider. For assistance, clients should reach out to their own IT team as this is not handled by SS&E.

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