LMS Integration: Canvas Setup Guide

Setting Permissions for SS&E Integration with Canvas LMS

The following steps should be followed to setup an SS&E User in Canvas and to setup the appropriate permissions for API access.

These instructions should be followed by an institutional LMS Administrator.

  1. Create the SSE_Role (formerly AvisoRole)
    1. Create a new Account level role: https://guides.instructure.com/m/4214/l/73662-how-do-i-add-an-account-level-role-in-the-permissions-page
    2. Add the following permissions to the role:
      1. Import and Manage SIS Data
      2. Manage Account-Level Settings
      3. Read SIS Data
      4. View the list of courses
      5. Enable or Disable Features at the Account Level
      6. See the list of users
      7. View all grades
      8. View and link to Question Banks
      9. View course content
      10. View discussions
      11. View the answer matrix in Quiz Submission Logs
      12. View the group pages of all student groups
      13. View usage reports for the course
  2. Create the SSE_User (formerly AvisoUser) 
    1. via:  Courses (tab) > Institution Account (tab menu item) > Users (menu item) > Add a new User (button)
    2. email/login: lms@avisoretention.com
  3. Add the SSE_User (or AvisoUser) to the SSE_Role (or AvisoRole)
    1. https://guides.instructure.com/m/4214/l/43005-how-do-i-add-an-admin-to-an-account
    2. Note: This role must be assigned to the user on the root account and not within a sub-account.
  4. Login as SSE_User (or AvisoUser) and accept terms of service
  5. Generate token for SSE_User (or AvisoUser) (Can be completed by institutional IT or SS&E staff)
    1. Click on the SSE_User (or Aviso User) profile link in the top right
    2. Click on the "New Access Token" Button
    3. Purpose: SS&E Integration, Expiration: empty
  6. Provide API token to SS&E Staff
    1. Place the token in the SS&E (formerly Aviso Engage) configuration file property lms.canvas.securityToken
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