Editing an Academic Plan

You can edit a student’s academic plan for the current and future terms only

Once you are on the academic planning page for the student, you will see the program template in the grayed-out area to the right.  The specific course sequence for the student is created through a drag and drop process.  You can only grab courses from the program template and place them in the appropriate term if the course has not been completed or scheduled.  As you are building a student’s plan, you can remove courses by clicking on the trash can icon in the space to the left of the course listed.


There are two ways to add courses to a student’s plan:

  1. The first is through the drag and drop process mentioned above. 
    • Click on the corresponding course in the program template, hold your mouse and drag it over to the open space in the appropriate term. 
  2. The second way to add a course is by clicking in the "Add Course" open window in the corresponding term. 
    • A drop-down menu is displayed for you to find a course.  You can begin typing the name of the course to narrow down your options in the drop-down menu.


Your academic plan will be complete when each course in the program template is grayed out and there is a "clock" icon Pic95.png to the left of the course indicating that the course is scheduled.


Note: When dragging a course from a template to the student's academic plan, if a required course is also offered as an elective, this may cause confusion since the academic plan creates a link behind the scenes identifying "where" the course was dragged from.

To clarify, what may happen, is that if an elective course is dragged over from the template to the student plan, then after it's completed, the same required course will display as "already used", and by looking at the plan, it is not clear why. 

The reason for this is that when a course is used, it links back to where it was dragged from. What that means is that when the course status changes, it displays the new status (passed) on the linked elective course on the template (where the course was dragged from) instead of displaying the new status on the required course as expected.

Currently, there is no way to tell by looking at the UI that the plan is using a course dragged from an elective section. This results in the elective course linking with the completed course instead of updating the matching required course as completed, causing the matching required course to display as "already used".

In addition, the only "hard links" that are saved and not overwritten by the optimizer are for courses that were dragged and dropped from the template. For all other courses, the courses template is "refreshed" every time the student plan is loaded or changed, which determines what symbols appear.

For more details, a comprehensive overview of academic planning can be found here.


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