Office365 Authentication Integration using OAuth 2.0


This article outlines instructions for implementing SS&E Authentication for new customers. If you are an existing customer and your institution would like to move from another authentication method to Office365 Authentication for SS&E, please reach out to your CSM or submit a support request at for help.

Register Aviso Retention as an Application in Azure AD.

  1. As an Azure AD administrator, navigate to the following url:
  2. Accept the required permissions for the application. On success, you will be redirected to:
  3. Navigate to and verify that the Watermark Student Success & Engagement (formerly Aviso Engage) application has been added to your Enterprise Applications.
  4. Let Watermark Technical Consultants know that you have completed the steps above.

Setup Notes

  • Only Azure AD administrators (or those who have access to "add enterprise applications") will be able to use this link.
  • Clicking the link in the Azure menu will most likely not work as it is not supported.
  • To test the authentication enter your SS&E/Aviso instance URL in your web browser directly. If you do not know your SS&E URL please reach out to your CSM, Implementation project manager or our support team.
  • Technical Note:  When using Microsoft OAuth 2.0 authentication, SS&E will examine the response from the user API endpoint for userPrincipalName. This value is then examined for an '@' symbol. If an '@' symbol is in the userPrincipalName, the user will be looked up by email address; otherwise the user will be looked up by username. If a match exists, the user will be logged in to the system based on the record that is found. Otherwise, the user will receive a message indicating that their user account has not been configured for authentication with SS&E.

Configure Student Success & Engagement and Test

Once the above has been completed, the authentication mode of your SS&E Instance can be modified to use this authentication integration to sign users into SS&E.

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