4.4 Release Notes

Location-Based Early Alert Coordinators

Previous to 4.4, alert coordinators were notified of each and every Staff-initiated Early Alert that was created. You can now specify locations for alert coordinators, allowing staff to receive only the early alerts that matter to them.


Meeting Scheduler with Exchange Calendar Integration

Students can now use Aviso Engage to schedule meetings with the appropriate staff. A simple, accessible, step-by-step interface walks the student through selection of topics, staff, teams, and locations to ensure they meet with the right person. Once a team or person is selected, Aviso Engage will integrate the team or person's calendar availability from their work calendar, making sure the student schedules a meeting at a time someone is really available. Calendar events are created in your work calendar system and accept/decline functionality is available. (Screenshots coming soon)

Aviso Engage integrates with Microsoft Exchange using EWS. We plan to add integrations for other popular calendar systems in the future (Google, Office 365). For more information, contact your customer success representative.

Survey Monkey Integration

SurveyMonkey surveys and survey results are now available within Aviso.



Surveys can be sent and taken from within Aviso, and the response are also visible within Aviso, removing the need to access SurveyMonkey's web application to use surveys.


Auto-Following By Tag

Since tags are such a utilized method of student categorization, we've added the ability to follow students based on their tags (this is configured in Admin).


Additional Tag Filters

Tag Filters apply a tag to a student under specific circumstances (available in Admin). We have expanded the available tag filters further. For an updated list of Automated Tag Filters, please see here.

Other Items

These items weren't new for 4.4, but were added since the last time we published release notes, so we thought we'd include them in case you haven't noticed them yet.

Courses Tab

The "Term" tab has been renamed "Courses" so that it is less confusing. The course completion risk indicator is displayed on this tab, while the term persistence risk indicator is displayed at the top of the student profile page.

Send Messages To Students Using "Any" or "All" Selected Tags

The ability to select Any or All Tags has been added to the Send Message by Selected Tags functionality.  

Sending by Tag and selecting "Any" will send messages to students who have any one of the selected tags. Selecting "All" will send messages to students who have all of the selected tags.


Meeting Summary Report

The primary program has been added to the Meeting Summary Report.  


Attendance and Registration Detail Report

The following columns have been added to the attendance and registration detail report.

  • Student Email
  • Student Campus Location
  • Course Registered Date
  • Dropped Date


Enrollment Report

Phone Type was added to the Enrollment Report. 



User Interface / User Experience

The interface in 4.4 is more accessible and better-looking than ever before, with the introduction of Bootstrap 4.1 as the front-end CSS framework of choice. This incorporates better color contrast throughout the system in compliance with WCAG 2.1.


We're constantly striving to improve the response time of the applications, and 4.4 is no exception. We've made a number of small tweaks and improvements to make the system even more responsive and faster-performing.

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