Grades Administration


Grades in Academic Planning Administration allow the SS&E system to make sense of what grades in your SIS and LMS mean.

Grades configuration allows the ultimate flexibility so that SS&E can accommodate the way each individual institution uses grades in all areas across the organization.


Each grade that could appear in your LMS or SIS should be created in Grades Administration found on the Academic Planning Administration menu

The following settings are used to determine how a grade is treated in SS&E:


The grade itself, as it would appear in your SIS/LMS. For example, "A", "B", "NA", "W", etc.


A description of the grade to help users understand the meaning of the grade.


Whether or not this grade should be considered as a "passing grade" for a course.

  • This is used by Academic Planning to determine whether or not a transcript course (student course enrollment) was completed, e.g. "passed".
  • Completed courses contribute to the completion of a "course group" or academic plan template requirements.


A whole number represents how the grade compares to other grades, i.e. how good is the grade in comparison to other grades.

  • The lower the rank, the better the grade.
  • For example, an "A" might have a rank of "1", a "B" might have a rank of "2", etc.
  • It is possible to have multiple grades with the same rank if so desired.
  • This is used by SS&E when comparing grades, such as in Academic Planning.

For example, a course on an Academic Plan Template may state that a "C" is the minimum grade required to complete a course, and the "C" has a rank of 3. This means that any student earning a grade with a rank equal or lower to a C rank (1-3) will pass the course and satisfy the minimum grade requirement.

Minimum Percent

The minimum percentage grade that is classified as this grade.

  • For example, a "B" grade might require at least an 80.0%.
  • This is used to map a percentage grade to a letter grade.

Maximum Percent

The maximum percentage grade that qualifies for this grade.

  • For example, a "B" grade might have a maximum percent of 89.9%.
  • This is used to map a percentage grade to a letter grade.

Visible for Plan Templates

Whether or not this grade is available when creating or modifying Academic Plan Templates.

Default Value for Plan Template

When checked, this grade will default as the "minimum grade" required when adding courses to Academic Plan Templates.

  • For example, many institutions set this to true on the "C" grade.
  • When the default/minimum grade is set to C, than any grade below a C represents an incompleted course, while a student grade of C or above is a completed course.
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