Prerequisites for LMS integration


In order to implement or migrate to a new LMS provider or tool, the following information must be available:

  1. Authentication information
    • Blackboard and D2L: Username and Password for an account with the appropriate permissions
    • Moodle and Canvas: Authentication token for an account with the appropriate permissions
  2. LMS course id/short name format
    • The course id or short name must contain enough information to identify course sections as defined in the SIS. This generally means academic term, course code, and section information. 
    • If used, merged/combined courses must have a course id/short name that can be used to identify all relevant sections.
  3. Data
    • The LMS that is being integrated with must have production course sections that can be used for verification purposes.
  4. LMS Configuration
    • The LMS must be configured in advance to allow appropriate communication with SS&E. This includes, but is not limited to:
      1. SS&E Building Blocks/Plugins installed.
      2. Gradebooks formatted appropriately.
      3. See implementation guide for all LMS administration requirements.
    • Blackboard Gradebook Configuration
      1. Current/Total grade is marked as the "external_grade" column. Click the drop down arrow and select 'Edit Column Information' to edit this grade columnScreenshot_from_2020-02-28_10-10-19.pngScreenshot_from_2020-02-28_10-11-17.png

Grade Requirements 

1. Current/Total grade is formatted as a percentage.

  • Grades must be in a percentage format in order for SS&E to process them.Screenshot_from_2020-02-28_10-11-42.png

2. If no other grade columns have the "include in grade center calculations" checkbox checked or if the Current/Total grade column is the only column in the gradebook, the "include in grade center calculations" checkbox must be checked.

  • This ensures that SS&E recognizes this course as gradeable.Screenshot_from_2020-02-28_10-13-22.png


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