6.0 Release Notes


This article provides updates about new features being released and bug fixes made to Aviso Enterprise since release 6.0.


7.0 - 6/30/2022

Version 7.0 has been released!! To view the 7.0 Release Notes, click here.

Bug Fixes

6.82.0 - 6/17/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where an approved academic plan that is modified by an advisor does not reflect the proper academic plan status, even after a page refresh. The user interface now correctly indicates the plan is in “Awaiting Advisor Input” status. 

6.81.1 - 6/15/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where External (Gmail) Message Logging would stop working with no warning due to Google tokens not being able to refresh.

6.81.0 - 6/10/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where Advisor replies from the mobile app would only send to students institutional email addresses.
  • Fixes an issue where Automated Attendance Alerts were not sending correctly.
  • Fixes an issue where emails from the Gmail plugin would not be logged if a comma was included in the message recipient's name. For example: “Student, Olivia”<olivia.student@watermarkinsights.com>.</olivia.student@watermarkinsights.com>
  • Fixes an issue where Person search in the Gmail plugin does not find expected results as it was not case insensitive.
  • Fixes an issue where deleted achievements are not removed from Achievements Administration.
  • For campaign beta users only, fixes an issue where the "number of campaigns a template is used in" displayed in the campaign templates table would not update properly if a campaign is created from a template within a short amount of time.


6.80.0 - 6/3/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where first week attendance alerts are not sending messages to students.


Academic Planning Enhancements

  • Adds Academic Plan Term Statuses to Academic Planning. Academic Term Statuses allow institutions to track students with an approved academic plan and display how students are following their academic plan. For more information, see here.

6.79.0 - 5/27/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where alerts would not immediately update to reflect a newly closed status.
  • Alphabetizes report sources, and reports on the Report screen.
  • Alphabetizes surveys in Surveys Administration on the "Add Survey" dropdown.


  • Adds a secure external API to bulk download notes.

6.78.1 - 5/16/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where logged messages would sometimes flicker when scrolling or viewing messages on a student's messages tab depending on the zoom ratio set on some web browsers.
  • Fixes an issue where scheduled messages have extra spacing or extra bullet points when viewing emails outside of Aviso (the previous release fixed the display of these messages within Aviso).

6.78.0 - 5/13/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where extra bullet points and extra spacing display on scheduled messages.

  • Fixes an issue where a reply sent to a student would go to the student's institutional email, even if the original message was sent to the student’s personal email. With this fix, message replies will always "send to" the same email address(es) that the initial message originally sent to. For example:

      • If an email message was originally sent to a student's institutional email address, then replies will also send to the students institutional email address.

      • If an email message was originally sent to the student's personal email address, then replies will send to the student's personal email address as well.  

      • If an email message was originally sent to both the student's institutional email address and their personal email address, replies will also be sent to both the institutional and personal email address. It does not matter where and which email address the student replied from.

  • Fixes an issue where searching for mutually exclusive tags to expire previously assigned tags via the automated tag filter did not display all available tags properly in the dropdown. In addition, adds help text in Tag Administration under the "Mutually Exclusive Tags" dropdown selection explaining that "These tags will replace and expire the current tag based on the Automated Tag Filter".


6.77.0 - 5/6/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where users with no role(s) could view SIS Import Health Check errors.


Administration Enhancements - Application Configuration

  • Adds a new Application setting that allows each institution to enable/disable meeting acceptance messages from sending to staff and faculty when a meeting invitation is accepted in an external calendar. This setting is enabled, e.g. set to "True" by default. To disable meeting acceptance messages from being sent, set this to "False".

UI Enhancements

  • Adds help text on the Student Record Analytics tab Course Risk graph and the Detailed Student Report Source. Changed the graph name from Course Risk to "Course Completion Risk" and added help text that "When the percentage is low, this translates to a high risk of course completion.". In addition, changed the Detailed Students report source column name from Course Risk to "Course Risk % Level". 
  • Adds help text on the "Last Assignment Submission" filter option to "Include students based on when they last engaged with their coursework via Assignment Submission." Click here for more information.

6.76.2 - 5/4/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the default role order displayed in Roles Administration and adds new searching.
  • Fixes a Message Logging related issue where users that did not have permission to text message did not see the "log message" checkbox, even when message logging was enabled.


UI Enhancements

  • Adds help text to the Meeting Scheduler ‘Know who the student wants to meet with?’ section, notifying users that this selection may be skipped over and left blank if there is no preference.

6.76.0 - 4/29/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where alerts were not being deleted properly from the Automated Alert Administration page.
  • Fixes an issue where test students display in the Twilio number list in Messaging Administration, and could not be deleted.
  • Fixes an issue where selecting a large number of staff-student relationships would not expire from the Relationships page in Relationships Administration.
  • With the new release of Message Logging, if a user has not logged out of Aviso after being assigned permission to "Log Messages" and attempts to send a "logged" message, they will be prompted to log out and log back in to set the new permissions.

6.75.0- 4/26/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the tag labels color on the Plans page to reflect whether or not the tag is a system tag.
  • Fixes an issues in Aviso Next where students were unable to submit a meeting request.
  • Fixes an issue where staff initiated bulk-alerts would not save properly in Aviso.

6.74.0- 4/22/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes Person Hold Data Feed Administration to support data deletion integration.


Messaging Enhancements - Message Logging

Message Logging is a long awaited feature allowing staff members to save messages directly to the student profile. Click here for more information about how message logging is used.

To summarize, Message Logging allows staff and faculty users to associate both internal and external email messages with a student profile. When messages are chosen to "Log", these messages display on the student's Activity Feed and Messages tabs.

  • Internal messages are messages created within Aviso Engage via the Aviso Messaging Interface, either by a student or a staff member.
  • External messages are messages that are sent from an external email client inbox outside of Aviso messaging. Currently, only institutions using G Suite Gmail messaging as their institutional email are supported for external message logging in Aviso.
  • For more information about Message Logging configuration in Aviso Administration, click here.

NOTE: Gmail (external) message logging integration is an add-on feature that requires setup by Aviso staff along with the institution's Google Workspace Administrator before being enabled in Aviso Administration.

  • Once enabled, each user will add a Chrome browser extension and configure their User Settings.
  • To add Gmail Message Logging to your institution's Aviso Enterprise product suite, or for more information, please open a support ticket or reach out to your client success representative.

6.73.0- 4/8/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where comments and actions did not display in the popup feeds of individual tasks, notes, meetings, and alerts.

  • Fixes an issue where the task modal did not display a status change until the page was refreshed.

  • Fixes an issue where taking attendance would sometimes not save in rare cases.

  • Fixes an issue where message subjects that included symbols were sent and displayed as encoded (& vs &).

  • Fixes an issue in Google calendar integration where students would receive updates when a meeting was edited, even when "Send an updated invitation to the student" was left unchecked.


Administration Enhancements

  • Disables the ability to enable/disable features in Institution Administration without an Aviso Representative.

6.72.1 - 4/5/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where the task detail did not display the modified data immediately after a task is edited and new data is saved.

Campaign Bug Fixes - Beta Customers only

  • Fixes an issue where some table columns did not line up vertically.

6.72.0 - 4/1/2022

Campaign Enhancements - Beta Customers only

  • Adds campaign types for Application and Enrollment campaigns.

Note: Please reach out to your Client Success Manager for Campaign usage details.

Campaign Bug Fixes - Beta Customers only

  • Fixes an issue where the student id variable would populate inconsistently at some institutions.

6.71.3 - 3/16/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where some notes would not appear on the activity feed.

6.71.2 - 3/14/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where Staff Initiated Alerts were sent to the default alert coordinators instead of the assigned alert coordinators.

6.71.0 - 3/11/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where the "Everyone" filter displayed (the "Caseload" students) when the logged-in user does not have permission to view all students.
  • Fixes an issue where the Activity Feed included events that the user does not have permissions for.
  • Improves performance loading the Datafeeds home page.
  • Removes inactive achievements from the Activity Feed Achievement Filter dropdown.


Report Builder Enhancements

  • Adds category names to column headers and report filter criteria selectors.

Meeting Scheduler Enhancements

  • Adds “Schedule a Meeting” button under Followers in the students' home view.


6.69.2 - 3/1/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where a student profile would not load in special circumstances after the SIS Import.

6.69.0 - 2/25/2022


Limited Profile View and Full Profile View

This feature provides the ability to grant specific "limited view" permissions to staff users while viewing students who are outside of their caseload.

In order to accommodate the limited view:

  1. "Search outside of Caseload" and "Staff View Settings" were removed from Role Administration.
  2. "Full Profile View" and "Limited Profile View" permission settings were added to Role Administration.
  3. "Full Profile View" and "Limited Profile View" allow/restrict staff access to certain student tabs and student details based on the full profile view or limited profile view configuration.

The "Limited Profile View" allows staff users that did not have permission to "Search outside of their caseload" the ability to use the Global Search (in the top right) and view limited information on students that are outside of their caseload.

  • The limited profile view does not change anything for users who are permitted to "Search Outside of their Caseload".
  • The limited profile view will display the student name, degree, photo, Message/Follow/Note/Alert action items along with items defined in the logged-in user role(s) limited profile view configuration.
  • Within the limited profile view, staff users can find students, view limited data, and take actions on students outside of their caseload.
  • On actions allowed in a limited profile view, the resulting data is restricted by the user role. 

Click here for additional information about Limited Profile View and Full Profile View permission settings.

Limited Profile View and Full Profile View Troubleshooting

Click here for troubleshooting steps to help resolve the following issues:

  • Activity items are missing on the Student Activity Feed Filter.
  • Staff users cannot access the Activity Feed for a specific Student Filter.
  • Tabs are missing on the staff user's Caseload.
  • Student Filters are missing.

Bug Fixes

  • Hides student filters created with an "everyone" scope when the logged-in staff user is no longer permitted to search outside of their caseload. If the same user is later allowed to search outside their caseload, the hidden student filters will reappear.

  • Fixes an issue where exporting student filters with commas in the name would not export as CSV.

  • Removes check for a deprecated ‘muted’ property when syncing Canvas LMS Assignments.
  • Fixes an issue where courses with a credit value above 999.99 would fail ‘silently’ and prevent other courses from importing. The fix is that course records with a credit value above 999.99 will not import, yet will no longer stop other courses from importing.
  • Update help text for Automated Tag Filter "Apply when a student is currently enrolled in a course from the specified list" to “Applies when a student has one or more currently registered enrollments within a course with the code specified. Note that a course code is what is being selected for the automated filter, not a course.” When course codes are not unique, then courses listed in Edit mode and Non-Edit mode may not match.

6.67.1 - 2/16/2022

Watermark Student (Mobile App) Enhancements - Release 1.4.0

  • Adds building name and room number to the course screen.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where student filters with "current term" restrictions were not always applied correctly to the student's page.

Campaign Bug Fixes - Beta Customers only

  • Fixes an issue where some students would not see campaign appointment restrictions when scheduling an appointment/meeting.
  • Fixes an issue where the color picker popup would open to the side of the editor.
  • Simplifies using “Save as Template” on the Campaign interface to show a preview instead of a drag and drop editor embedded in a modal.


6.67.0 - 2/11/2022

Bug Fixes

Campaign Bug Fixes - Beta Customers only

  • Fixes an issue where email metrics would not display correctly on the email list page.

6.66.0 - 2/4/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where emails containing linked attachments did not link correctly to the Aviso message page.

6.65.4 - 2/3/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where scheduled text messages would not save properly with over 250 characters.

6.65.3 - 2/1/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where users were unable to sign in to Aviso with an underscore in the username.
  • Adds the LMS "Person" Id to the Person Override screen in Administration - People & Roles - People. Setting this to an empty space value allows it to be removed and "reset"; so that the Person LMS Id can be reassigned to a "different/correct" user during the next LMS Enrollment Data sync.

6.65.2 - 1/31/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue preventing a Manual LMS Course Section pull from Administration - LMS Integration - Manual API Calls.
  • Increases the number of courses visible from Administration - Automated Alert - Edit to 200.
  • Fixes an issue where text messages were not sent properly if over 160 SMS messages were being sent in the current month.

6.65.0 - 1/28/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where email messages associated with "fallback from failed SMS Messages" would not send.
  • Fixes an issue where the message filter for "All Students Enrolled in Selected Course Sections" was not sending messages properly.


Administration Enhancements

  • Adds SMS Max Length Configuration to Administration - Application. To view this setting, click here.


Data Feed Enhancements

  • Additions to Imported Data Views (Administration - SIS Integration - Datafeeds):
    • Person Address Data Feed
        • Adds permanent
        • Adds current
  • Adds SIS Import Definitions that allow importing additional Veteran Type, Course Section Delivery Method, and Financial Aid data elements.
        • Click here to view the updated SIS Data Feed Import Definitions.

6.64.0 - 1/21/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where changes to Institution Configuration Administration would not immediately take effect. For example, override names for the Success Coach and Academic Advisor would not always display consistently/correctly in Aviso. The fix syncs each institution's servers during a release so that the cached in-memory institution table stays in sync.
  • Fixes an issue where all tags could not be selected in Report Builder by increasing the number of tags returned by the tag search.

6.63.2 - 1/20/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where bulk assigning Action Plans would not always include the resources or associated people.
  • Fixes a bug where the instructor was not correctly updated on the Course Section Schedule Element data feed without manually clearing the cache.


Campaign Enhancements - Beta Customers only

  • Improvements to the drag and drop email editor making it much easier to create professional great-looking emails that display consistently across different email clients.
    • It is no longer necessary to nest sections within sections in order to produce the desired layout.
    • Emails will now automatically scale appropriately when viewed on a mobile device.
    • It is easier to center text and images.
    • Adds helpful components such as social media links, a hero component, and a collapsible navbar.
    • This change is not backwards compatible. Existing campaigns and campaign templates can still be edited, however, they will be moved to the HTML editor instead of using a visual, drag and drop editor. For more information about using the new HTML editor click here.

6.63.0 - 1/14/2022


Student Filter Enhancements

  • Additional performance improvements to help student filters load quicker, specifically for filters using degree include/exclude, hold include/exclude, last key engagement date, program include/exclude, high school include/exclude, and student type include/exclude.

6.61.0 - 1/7/2022


Student Filter Enhancements

  • Adds performance improvements to help student filters load quicker.

6.60.1 - 1/4/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where Min/Max filters were not validating correctly.

  • Fixes an issue where messages are not being sent from the messaging screen and campaign templates cannot be created when using Safari.

6.60.0 - 12/30/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where apostrophes were displaying as encoded characters in the Activity feed.

  • Fixes an issue where Yes/No labels on pie charts are displayed incorrectly for Dashboard Reports.

  • Fixes an issue where long labels on horizontal bar charts in Report Builder were unreadable.

  • Fixes an issue where a linked resource was not included on tasks created as a result of action plans sent to a filter.
  • Fixes an issue where resources would not appear when creating a new action plan template.


  • Adds an Engagement Type lookup to Key Engagement Report Source.
  • Adds a new Note Type report source.  *Users may need permission before being able to access this new report source in Report Builder.

6.59.0 - 12/23/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where Administrative Alert History Detail pages weren't visible after the first page.

  • Fixes an issue where deactivated meeting types were accessible to staff. After the release, deactivated meeting types will not appear for students or staff when meetings are created.
  • Fixes an issue where attempting to save an invalid alert in Alert Administration displays a generic error.
  • Fixes an issue where SMS scheduled text messages were sometimes being sent as emails.


Student Filter Enhancements

  • Adds ‘Holds Exclude’, ‘Cumulative Credit Hours’, and ‘Last Assignment Submission’ filters.

Thank you to Karen Hughes of Alamance Community College for the suggestions to add the Credit Hours and Assignment Submission filters!

6.58.4 - 12/20/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where clicking the send message button in some popups, including the Messaging popup, does not send the message or dismiss the popup.

6.58.0 - 12/17/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes reports timing out on the Messages report source after adding date conditions by improving the efficiency of the Messages report source date filtering. 


Campaign Enhancements - Beta Customers only

  • Adds Templates to Campaigns.

  1. Templates can now be accessed via the sidebar. t1.png

  2. Users will need permission to create campaign templates.
      1. These permissions are turned on by default for all roles.
      2. Several other permissions were added to allow control of who can edit and delete templates.
      3. All users that have access to campaigns will be able to use templates. t2.png
  3. To use a template on a new campaign, select a template from the list, then select “New Campaign”. t3c.png

6.57.0 - 12/10/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where data that does not adhere to the Aviso Database constraint requirements was causing the SIS Import Job to fail.  Now this will result in the SIS Import job step failing, allowing the remaining SIS Import Job to continue.

      • For example, by definition, Degree acronyms must be no longer than 10 characters. Previously, if attempting to import a Degree with an acronym longer than 10 characters, the SIS Import Job would fail. Now, only the Degree import step will fail and it will be skipped over.

6.56.0 - 12/03/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where some role dropdowns were limited to the first 10 roles.

6.55.0 - 11/24/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where roles search was not properly filtering in Admin when creating or editing Staff-Initiated Alert Reasons.

  • Fixes inconsistent ordering for resources listed within a resource category.
  • Fixes issue where results would not appear in the Admissions Report.
  • Fixes issue with share resource button appearing when a user doesn’t have the ability to share resources.

6.54.0 - 11/19/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Display survey responses in Aviso in the same order that questions are displayed in Survey Monkey
  • Campaign Beta Customers only – performance improvements to analysis and emails pages.

6.53.2 - 11/15/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where datetimes imported from the Blackboard REST API were not saved in the correct time zone.
  • Fixes a typo on the Import Errors Administration page.


Campaign Enhancements - Beta Customers only

  • Adds "From Addresses".  This allows users to customize who the campaign emails are from and how to handle replies to campaign emails.
  • To create a From Address, go to the Administrative Messaging section and select "From Address".


  • The "New From Address" will customize the name students see when opening the email, as well as the email address the email will be sent from (note that you will have to verify the email you want to send from before you can save the From Address):Screenshot_from_2021-11-15_10-25-38.png
  • When creating or editing a campaign, select one of your From Addresses in the From dropdown.


6.53.1 - 11/15/2021


Administration Enhancements

  • Adds a Read-Only Permissions tab to the Administrative Person popup screen.


6.53.0 - 11/12/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Removes Role Permissions reference to the External Links Tab that no longer exists.
  • Fixes Meeting Scheduler to automatically select a location when there is only one location.
  • Fixes an issue where Term Lookup by name did not search properly for Academic Calendars.


Administration Enhancements

  • In Administration - People & Roles - Roles, shared visibility permissions are now separated between Student and Staff functions. This change allows users that have both a Student and Staff function/role to have any of the following six student tabs removed from their view.

      • To clarify, since a student/staff user is only able to log in with a Staff view, the Student view does not apply to them. Therefore, this setting may also remove the visibility of the student's own Courses/Documents/Profile/Programs/Test Score/Transcript information from their view.
      • Eventually, student/staff users will be able to switch to the "Student Application", however, this is not yet available.


6.52.0 - 11/05/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where Alert Administration is unresponsive when there are too many alerts.

  • Fixes an issue where fields are not all populated properly when creating/saving a new meeting.

  • Fixes security on Student Filter Settings Administration accessible to non-admin users.
  • Meeting Scheduler fixes. When meetings are scheduled through the meeting scheduler workflow, this fix allows for selected locations (campuses) to be included in the saved meeting. This also fixes a bug where selected services may not show up.
      • Adds Location to the Meeting Scheduler.
      • Displays “Service Location” based on the selected location.
      • Displays “Services” based on the selected location and service location.


  • Phone Number Messaging fixes. Removes features that do not make sense around Twilio provisioned and other system numbers.
      • Removes SMS Enabled/Disabled, Verified/Non-Verified labels, and Primary settings from SMS Configuration Administration for all Twilio/Text Messaging System Phone Numbers.
      • Removes SMS Enabled/Disabled, Verified/Non-Verified labels, and Primary settings from Student/Staff views in the Aviso Engage UI on all System Phone Numbers.
      • Removes the ability to edit System Phone Numbers from a Person Profile in the Aviso Engage UI.


Data Feed Enhancements

  • Adds an Import Error to the Transcript Course Attendance feed when Attendance Tracking is enabled in Aviso and attendance records are also included in the SIS Import.

General Enhancements

  • Adds help text to Administration - Attendance Configuration -Attendance Tracking. 

6.51.0 - 10/29/2021


Data Feed Enhancements

  • Transcript Course Data Feed
    • Adds Academic Calendar src_system_id

LMS Integration Enhancements

  • Canvas and Blackboard REST LMS integrations were expanded to include detailed assignment data.
      • This can be viewed from the Student Profile → Courses Tab → Assignments Tab for each course section.
      • Moodle and other LMS integrations will be supported in the future.
      • Course Sections ending before the Fall 2021 term will not include assignment data.
      • For more detailed information, click here.


6.50.4 - 10/28/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where student filters were not filtering properly on course sections in some scenarios.

  • Fixes an issue where, after selecting Current Term as the selected term in the student filter, Current Term would not show up as selected when applying temporary values to that filter.

6.50.2 - 10/25/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue with action plans not sending to some filters.

6.50.0 - 10/22/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where Alert and Achievement template previews were not properly displaying whitespace.
  • Fixes an issue in Meeting Scheduler, allowing schedulers to select and de-select a timeslot properly.
  • Fixes an issue with filters not exporting to excel.

  • Fixes an issue with training data creation.

  • Fixes an issue with new Person Address SIS Imports.


General Enhancements

  • Improves performance when loading the Administrative People page.

Student Filter Enhancements

  • Rename Holds to "Holds Include" 
  • Replaces text-based search for Primary Address State with a State dropdown
  • Renames "General Information" section to "Address"


6.49.0 - 10/15/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where new meetings created in Next did not appear on the Walk-In Visits report.
  • Alphabetizes roles listed in Report Filters when selecting the roles dropdown.
  • Fixes an issue with Notes so they no longer close when clicking outside the note, and only close by selecting cancel or the x button.
  • Fixes an issue where the shared with students button on the documents tab would not save if the user was not an administrator.
  • Fixes an issue where users could not search by address in the Administrative data feed screens.
  • Removes checkbox for student visibility on alerts as this alert configuration setting wasn't being used. Alert visibility is determined by adding/removing the student role from Alert Security Roles.


General Enhancements

  • Adds help text that displays when users go to schedule a meeting to "note any previously scheduled meetings" in order to prevent users from booking meetings at the same time.

Student Filter Enhancements

  • Adds Veteran and First Generation to the Student Filter. These will not display by default yet can be toggled on by using the Student Filter Settings.
  • Adds Student Filter Settings to Administration-People & Roles. This controls the search criteria displayed on the Student Filter.
      • When Enabled=Yes, the filter item is displayed on the Student Filter for all people.
      • When disabled, the item will be removed and hidden from display for all people in your institution.




6.48.0 - 10/08/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Removes the Institution ID from the Task Notification dropdown on the Student Profile.
  • Fixes an issue where coach subscriptions from Program Coach Mapping were not expiring automatically when the student is no longer assigned any primary program.
  • Fixes an issue where Report Builder charts do not fully display if there are a large number of chart legend labels.
  • Fixes an issue where Activity Feed Filters for a list of students would display the same filter on the Activity Feed of an individual student.


Report Builder Enhancements

  • Course Section Report Source
    • Adds Academic Term

Administration Enhancements

  • SMS Configuration Improvements, including functionality for de-provisioning SMS Messaging Only Twilio phone numbers from Messaging Administration on a new "Twilio" tab.



Student View Enhancements

  • Adds a "Text Msg Only" badge to any/all Staff SMS System numbers displayed on the Student record.


6.47.0 - 10/01/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Adds the ability to type in the Import Errors Datafeed dropdown


  • Fixes a bug where students could be provisioned System SMS Text Messaging phone numbers
  • Various accessibility improvements, including an update to dropdown styles:Screen_Shot_2021-10-01_at_2.14.10_PM.png

6.46.0 - 9/24/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where text messages do not display the proper message delivery status in Aviso Engage.
  • Optimizes the Automated Tag Filter to improve performance when adding and/or removing tags by the applySystemTagsByTagFilter scheduled job.
  • Fixes an issue where recipients do not always display properly on a New Message in Aviso Engage.
  • Changes the Recent Unread Messages Widget to display the message subject instead of the message body.
  • Fixes an issue where the link in the message widget does not open the proper message in the Messages tab.


Data Feed Enhancements

  • Course Section Data Feed
    • Adds census_date
    • Adds withdraw_by_date

Report Builder Enhancements

  • Attendance Report
    • Adds Section / Census Date
    • Adds Section / Withdraw By Date
  • Enrollments Report
    • Adds Section / Census Date
    • Adds Section / Withdraw By Date

Student Filter Enhancements

  • Renamed section Current Term to Courses and Sections.
  • Adds a Term drop-down that limits the course and course sections student filters to the selected terms.
  • Course section, course and term are now related eg. Find all students with enrollments in Math 101 for Fall 2021.
  • Course Section Lookup
    • Adds Census From and Census To
    • Adds Withdraw From and Withdraw To (requires data feed updates for values to come across)

Administration Enhancements

  • Adds the ability to filter by "Role" in Administration on Achievements, Automated Alerts, Tags, Reports, and Note Types.






  • Adds links in Roles Administration that show the role usage, i.e. where each role is being used.


6.45.0 - 9/17/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where instructors still displayed in Course Section Administration when an associated CourseSectionScheduleElement was marked as deleted by the institution.
  • Fixes an issue where some instructors were missing courses from their Courses tab when a primary instructor was not assigned.
  • Fixes an issue in Meeting Scheduler where text would overflow from the screen.
  • Fixes phone numbers not displaying correctly under Advisors, Coaches, and Followers.


  • Alphabetizes the Person dropdown in Meeting Scheduler.
  • Adds a search by Data Feed on the SIS Import Errors Administrative screen.


Student Filter Enhancements

      • Adds an Advanced "Terms" Lookup on the Student Filter for Registration Terms Include, Registration Terms Exclude, and Application Terms.


      • Adds a "State" dropdown in the High School Advanced Lookup on the Student Filter.


      • Adds an Advanced "Degree" Lookup for Degrees Include and Degrees Exclude on the Student Filter.



Administration Enhancements

  • Adds a new Administrative View for Degrees, with a new Active field, found here.
    • Degrees can now be activated and deactivated from the Degrees Administrative view.
    • By default, only active degrees will display in the Degree-related Student Filter dropdowns.


Data Feed Enhancements

  • Additions to Imported Data Views (on Administration-SIS Integration-Datafeeds):
    • Updates the help text on all Datafeeds that support SIS Data Deletion Integration

    • Note - adds Note Type
    • Person - adds Institution Id
    • Person Tag - adds Created Date and Modified Date
    • Test Score - adds Is Deleted, SIS Import Date, Created Date, and Modified Date
    • Transcript Course - adds SIS Import Date, Created Date, Modified Date, Course Section Status, and changes “transcript_course_status_integration_id” to “status_id”

6.44.0 - 9/10/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where roles could not be added to SMS Configuration Administration.
  • Fixes an issue where certain combinations of Automated Alert text variables could not be saved.
  • Adds a timeout to the Alerts Dashboard widget to prevent runaway requests.


  • Adds a High School search option to the Student Filter with advanced lookup.



  • Adds an Any/All option to the Student Filter search by Tags criteria. 


  • Adds an option in Report Builder to filter on Any/All Tags.
  • The Course dropdown on the Student Filter search now only includes courses with active sections.
  • The Course Advanced Lookup now displays courses with active sections by default.
  • Course and Course Section dropdowns now require typing in three characters to avoid showing irrelevant Courses and Course Sections.
  • Advanced lookup controls were moved to the top of the Student Filter search modals.
  • Roles Administration UI updates.
  • Deletion of Alert/Achievement configurations in Administration. Only Alerts/Achievements that have not been delivered to students can be deleted.

6.43.0 - 9/3/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where "More" on the Students-Notes tab was not loading additional notes.
  • Fixes an issue where a student’s program was not displayed correctly on Meeting Requests in Aviso Next.
  • Fixes an issue where Task Templates associated with Action Plans could not be edited.
  • Fixes Notes overflowing off the screen when the Note name was too long.


  • Rich text editor to the Alerts and Achievements administrative screen with variable insert.
      • Staff UI Text
      • Email Subject/Body
  • Adds Veteran Type, Veteran, and First Generation to the Person Data Feed.


      • Search options for these new fields will be added in the upcoming weeks.
      • Please speak with your data administrator or Aviso representative to learn how to take advantage of this feature.
  • Adds a Course Section Lookup to the Student Filter - Current Term section.
      • The Default Term is set to "Current Term".


  • Adds Import Date and Modified Date to the Person Phone Datafeed view.


  • External Logging in Aviso - Administration - Advanced can now be filtered by Source.


6.42.0 - 8/27/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an error when bulk assigning tags to a large number of students. 
  • Changes the label on the "First Assignment Submission - Online Courses" alert from Number of Days After Term Start Date to "Number of Days After Course Section Start Date" to match the existing help text.


  • Adds a list of High Schools to the Advisor's Student Profile view.


  • Adds additional filtering to The Administrative Note Types page, found here


  • Adds a Details page to the Administrative Roles screen, seen here.
      • Clicking on a role displays all permissions assigned to each role, and where each role is used throughout Aviso. 
      • For unused roles only, the new Role Details page adds a "Delete" option from the top menu bar.


  • Adds Course Lookup to the Student Filter - Current Term section.


6.41.0 - 8/23/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug in the Person data stream where the Person active field was not being set to Inactive when enabled false during the SIS Import.
  • Hides the follower label displaying under the success coach and primary advisor in the advisor’s student tab profile view.
  • Fixes an issue where attachments on message templates would not send to students.

Aviso Student - 1.3.10 - 8/20/2021

Aviso Student (Mobile App) Enhancements

Meeting Scheduler Improvements

  • New action buttons on the homepage, including "Schedule Appointment".
  • Improvements to the Appointment Scheduling UI, including the ability to choose a Topic before a Person.

Screen_Shot_2021-08-20_at_2.09.36_PM.png       Screen_Shot_2021-08-23_at_9.42.50_AM.png

6.40.0 - 8/20/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where the calendar configuration screen would error when configuring an external calendar for the first time.
  • Fixes a bug where users would occasionally get notified of meetings being accepted in the external calendar when the meeting was canceled.


  • Adds a copy button to Alerts and Achievements that creates an inactive copy with all the same values as the original except for the name.
  • Adds a manual entry toggle on Admin Note Types that does not allow it to be created in the Engage app if unchecked, yet still allows the note type to be displayed, imported, and updated.
  • Adds a new Suppressed Email Destination list for emails that are sent via Aviso and bounced back. To check if an email address is on the Suppressed Destinations list, navigate to Administration → People & Roles → People, and select a person. Underneath the primary and secondary email addresses, there is a new informational message noting that the email is on the Suppressed Destinations list, with a link to remove the email address from the list once the issue is resolved.

6.39.0 - 8/13/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue with grades disappearing off of the academic plan randomly.
  • Fixes an issue where notifications would not be sent to followers when a task was created.
  • Fixes an issue with the dashboard title edit mode.
  • Fixes an issue with meeting location displayed names overflow.

6.38.0 - 8/6/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue with new surveys not syncing from Survey Monkey.
  • Fixes an issue with prerequisite courses display on the academic plan page.
  • Fixes an issue with prerequisite courses repeating incorrectly on the academic plan page.
  • Fixes an issue with surveys not syncing in the Qualtrics survey service.

6.37.0 - 7/30/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where course groups could not always be deleted when creating academic plan templates.
  • Fixes an issue where only one course would drag and drop from the what if template to the academic plan.
  • Fixes an issue where non-administrator users were unable to delete documents they added to student docs.
  • Fixes an issue where student filter values were not clearing correctly when editing temporary filters.
  • Fixes an issue where once selected, the persistence risk would not clear from the alert widget filters.


  • Improves loading time of the Datafeed list view in Administration - SIS Integration - Datafeeds.

6.36.0 - 7/24/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where users without a transcript could not log into the Aviso Student mobile app.
  • Fixes an issue in the Aviso Student mobile app calendar where users were shown tasks about them that were not assigned to them.
  • Removes the default selection of Adjunct Faculty when creating a new role in People & Roles Roles admin.
  • Fixes issue where headers did not match the category of the data when exporting student filters to excel


  • The programs dropdown in the Student Filter now defaults to active programs only. In order to select inactive programs, the lookup popup can still be used.
  • Adds High School start year, High School end year, and High School GPA student search filters


  • Changes the prerequisite missing message on the academic plan screen to show the missing required courses


  • Adds user permissions for academic plans:
        • Can See Academic Plans
        • Can Edit Academic Plan Templates
        • Can Approve Academic Plans


  • Adds "Can See Holds" permissions to the People & Roles Roles - Edit admin screen



6.35.4 - 7/21/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug where multiple emails were being sent out when a meeting in an external calendar was accepted.
  • Fixes links on alert text and the daily digest. 
  • Fixes bug where since July 16th, messages sent to multiple email addresses/secondary email addresses went to primary email addresses instead. 

6.35.3 - 7/20/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes missing attendance tracking where status comparison was failing.

6.35.0 - 7/16/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where links sometimes display incorrectly when sent in an automated birthday greeting


  • Adds OAuth support for the Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration

6.34.0 - 7/15/2021


  • Major framework update

6.33.0 - 7/09/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue with reordering widgets on dashboard
  • Fixes issue with some widgets not showing as selected in the add content modal

6.32.0 - 7/02/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes action plan report source that previously reported on task templates, and now reports on action plans.
  • Fixes issue where meeting and total visits reports may exclude meetings without a service delivery location.
  • Fixes Available Staff Report to prevent exclusion of staff.
  • Improved performance by adding paging to academic plan history.
  • Fixes highlighting of teams and tasks in Admin sidebar.
  • Fixes bug where SIS Health Status Emails were sending even though streams were not out of date.
  • Fixes error banner warning about achievementRoles when editing or creating achievements.
  • Minor admin UI enhancements.
  • Fixes issue with creating a task when the ‘Notify people about the creation of this task’ box is filled.
  • Fixes an error in which task template assignment may result in an error.


  • Add enhanced message monitoring to trigger alarms when messages are not being attempted.

6.31.2 - 6/29/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where success coaches may not immediately update when coach program mappings are updated
  • Application Type filtering sorted by name instead of id
  • Fixes report builder gender selector


  • Person Alert administration - view and delete created alerts from a dedicated Person Alert admin screen as well as from the Person admin popupimage.pngScreen_Shot_2021-06-30_at_11.13.58_AM.png
  • Performance updates for report builder and filtering

6.31.0 - 6/26/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where the date pickers on the Student Profile Notes and Alerts tabs were not validating start and end dates properly
  • Fixes an issue in Administration where editing Staff-Initiated Alert reasons would save prematurely
  • Fixes a paging issue in Administration Program Coach Mapping


  • When creating or editing a student filter, programs can now be selected through a new Program Lookup popup
  • Performance improvements to the class roster page
  • Logs for survey integration are now visible in Administration under External Logging
  • Options when creating or editing a student filter are now grouped into categories

6.30.3 - 6/24/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where EmailNotificationDeliveries were not properly being marked as Failed
  • Adds Successfully Sent Destinations and Attempts to the Administration Message Report
  • Aviso Engage will no longer attempt to send messages to empty email addresses

6.30.2 - 6/22/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue with the rich text editor adding back the ability to add additional text while creating a note from an existing message

6.30.1 - 6/21/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where users could not see the checkbox to create a note when sending a message if they do not have permissions to text 

6.30.0 - 6/19/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes SurveyMonkey matrix and file upload response types to sync correctly

  • Fixes an issue where some task resources did not link correctly to external resource URLs
  • Fixes an issue where users who did not have permission to text could not create a note when sending a message


  • Text messaging is now available on additional message popups for users that have permission to text. For example, on the Student message popup and Staff message when viewing a roster.

6.29.4 - 6/17/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where a single message would be sent to a single recipient multiple times
  • Fixes an issue where the createAcademicPlans job would create duplicate academic plans
  • Fixes an issue where a stray 0 would sometimes display on the Key Engagement Scores by Team Widget
  • Fixes issue where tasks in action plans were displayed out of order in notification emails

  • Fixes an issue where the first task in an action plan could not be canceled


  • Adds "Survey Name” to the Surveys report filter in Report Builder


6.29.3 - 6/17/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where students could not view some categories on the Resource Guide
  • Fixes an issue where message templates could not be created or edited if they included external links


6.29.2 - 6/14/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where Student Plans were able to be updated by students when Academic Planning is read-only
  • UI Enhancements to Programs Admin Page
  • Fixes text not wrapping properly on My Tasks widget
  • Changes Academic Plan status from text to badge in Administrative view
  • Fixes Save error when updating a tag
  • Fixes an issue where links could not be inserted to rich text editors


6.29.1 - 6/14/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where Administration paging components displayed incorrectly
  • Fixes an issue where Instructors could not view courses if a student does not have a success score
  • Fixes an issue where text could not be copied into rich text editors by right-clicking to "Paste"
  • Fixes issue with filters no longer taking effect when paging through the Administrative Message Report
  • Fixes issue with tab not appearing active on the Institution Administration page


6.29.0 - 6/11/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where students could not see history details for some tasks
  • Fixes help text for Expirable field on tags "This only applies to distance tags being auto expired, as well as determining whether a tag is removed from a student when it's assigned as part of an automated tag filter that no longer applies.”
  • Fixes issue with searched items disappearing from the search on Admin Message Report
  • Fixes issue with filters no longer taking effect when paging through the Admin Message Report
  • Fixes issue with tab not appearing active on the Institution Admin page



  • Adds Application Type data feed

  • Person Application data feed now supports (optional) application type
  • Message Report now allows filtering to and from more than one person
  • Programs Admin page was moved out of the Advanced Admin dropdown
  • Adds search bar to Programs Admin page and shows active columns
  • New rich text editor with improved emoji picker
  • General accessibility improvements
  • UI improvements for the Tasks, Caseload Tasks, and Courses Widgets
  • Adds start_academic_term_id to the PersonApplication Data Import View

  • Adds more information to the detail pages of Admin pages: Tags, Programs, and Institution Configuration.

6.28.0 - 6/4/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bulk tag actions in administration.


  • Improvements to various Administration pages 

  • Add History to Online First Assignment Submission alerts

  • Move Success/Risk Factors into new tab under courses in the Courses tab

  • Increase the page size for tasks in the Tasks tab

6.27.0 - 5/28/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes missing building names when locations are null.


  • General student experience accessibility improvements.
  • Adds help text, a back navigation arrow, and cancel button to the Edit Survey Administration menu.

6.26.0 - 5/22/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where SIS Import Jobs would occasionally set to STOPPED or STOPPING status on their own.
  • Removes description as a default column in Resource reports, sets it as non-default.


  • Add Active and Expired flags to Course Section selections on Alert Configurations.
  • Performance improvements to the Alerts dashboard widget.
  • Display whether or not a Datafeed supports deletion in the admin list and show view.

6.25.0 - 5/14/21

Bug Fixes

  • Report sources are now alphabetized on the Reports screen.
  • Various fixes to Add Content on the Edit Dashboard screen, including a fix to where only the first twenty items displayed.
  • Align format display of Current Wait List by Staff Report.
  • Fix “Message All” label text wrapping issues on Key Engagement Widget.
  • Fix issue where users were presented with the option to edit external notes.
  • Remove Connect Version 3 from the Datafeed Detail screen.


  • Add CumulativeCreditHoursEarned to the Transcript data feed Imported Data View.
  • Improve error handling when syncing with Survey Monkey.
  • Improve error messages on issues saving an action plan or deleting a filter.


6.24.1 - 5/11/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where the student list does not display for some courses in the Courses section.


6.24.0 - 5/7/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where messages would fail and get stuck in processing before reaching the maximum amount of send attempts.
  • Fixes an issue where task notifications were not created when a task was created for an individual student.
  • Fixes a bug where the add/remove dropdown on the People screen in Administration was not fully visible.


  • Improves performance on the roster page as it was taking a long time to load.


6.23.1 - 5/4/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug causing the SIS Import Job to fail when creating new subscriptions.

6.23.0 - 4/30/21

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing back in the meeting scheduler will clear out previously selected items.

  • Fixes an issue saving an "order by" when creating a Report Builder report.
  • The program drop-down in Report Builder now lists programs in alphabetical order.
  • Added constraint so that students could no longer accidentally have multiple advisors or coaches.
  • Mobile users will no longer see an error when looking for a message contact if the user does not have a success team.


  • Added to the Report Sources list in Administration who last modified the report source and when it was modified.
  • Self service check-in meetings from Aviso Next are now included in Report Builder reports.

6.22.0 - 4/23/21

Bug Fixes

  • A widget titled “Report Widget” can no longer be selected as a widget to include on a user’s dashboard

  • Fixes an issue where the alerts were not shown to the creators of the alert when “Allow creator of alert to view and manage staff-initiated alerts they create” was checked.
  • Multiple of the same dashboard widgets can no longer be added to a user’s dashboard.


  • For Canvas, Blackboard REST, and D2L LMS integrations, a User Detail manual API call has been added to Administration → LMS Integration → Manual API Calls.Screenshot_from_2021-04-21_15-18-25.png
  • If your institution has the Aviso Student mobile app enabled, users will now see a promotional app banner to download the app. The app banner will look like the image below.
  • Image_from_iOS__58___1_.png

6.21.1 - 4/19/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes Task Detail Report where users could not export the Task Detail Report to Excel.
  • Pie charts displayed on the dashboard are now more readable on smaller screens.
  • In the Aviso Attendance solution, it is now possible to unselect a student as Present, Tardy, or Absent, effectively deleting the attendance record. After selecting Present, Tardy, or Absent, select it again to unmark the student and remove the attendance record.

6.21.0 - 4/16/21

Bug Fixes

  • Transcript records are no longer cached if they do not have a primary or secondary degree program associated with them.
  • Surveys that users do not have permission to send will no longer appear in the send survey dropdown.


  • Titles added to resource guides for search engine optimization.
  • In the SIS Integration Datafeed list view, on each data feed, clicking on “View Logs” takes you to the external logging page filtered on the specific data feed.
  • UI improvements including paging to the modal to add widgets to a dashboard.  Widgets are now separated into "Standard" and "My Reports". 


  • UI improvements to the person popup in the People section of the Administration view.


6.20.0 - 4/9/21

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure that activity feed items for bulk notes have the correct person set.
  • Task history records now do not show duplicate events.


  • Increase max length of course description field from 2500 to 3500 characters.
  • Enhanced logging for SIS import.

6.19.1 - 4/6/21

Bug Fixes

  • Logging added to manual row import.
  • Fix person event attributes on a bulk note.
  • Prevent task history details from saving/displaying the same values if nothing changed.

6.19.0 - 4/2/21

Bug Fixes

  • Daily digests that contain information about notes that were sent to a filter will be successfully delivered.



New mobile push notifications have been added for institutions using Aviso Student. Students will now receive push notifications under the following conditions:

  • A new meeting is created for them.

  • A task reminder 1 day before the task is due.

  • An alert that the student has visibility for is opened regarding them.

  • The student receives an achievement in our system.

6.18.2 - 3/30/21

Bug Fixes

  • The bulk tag assignment process now allows for tags to be delimited by either commas, line breaks, or a mix of both.
  • Usage, Plan Status, and Percent on Planned canned reports can now be run without errors.
  • Users going through the meeting scheduler process can no longer create a meeting with a duration length that does not match the selected meeting type
  • Alerts with no roles associated with them are no longer shown on either the activity feed or the alerts tab for a student.

6.18.0 - 3/26/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue on student filter search where duplicate courses are shown on the courses filter.
      • This fix alters the Courses selector on saved and temporary student filters to only show active courses. Active courses are defined as courses with an effective date in the past and an empty or future expiration date.

      • This will prevent "duplicate" courses from showing up in the filter list when those duplicates are actually expired versions of the course. If you continue to see duplicates, please verify that your Course datafeed is appropriately setting effective and expiration dates. See here for information on how to view the contents of a datafeed.

      • Additionally, to improve clarity, this fix removes logic in temporary filters that automatically include other courses with the same name and code as the selected one(s). The filter will now only use the explicitly selected course(s).

      • Any existing saved filters will continue to behave as they do today.

      • The selection criteria logic will continue to work as it does today - it will find students with enrollments for any active course sections for the selected course(s).


  • Fixes an issue where changing the filter operator on a report source would not change the filter operator when saved. Upon running this report, an error would be thrown.


Quick Search

A global search has been added to the navigation header which will search through all active users in Aviso.



Major GPA

A card showing a student's Major GPA has been added to the transcript tab.



Alert History

This feature allows users to view the selection criteria that were used to determine automated alert recipients for previous runs of an alert.

The administrative alert screens now include a history tab that shows all of the students/enrollments that were selected and then either filtered out or alerted upon.

  • Initially, this is only available for current grade and LMS last login alerts with other alerts getting this functionality in the coming weeks.




6.17.0 - 3/19/21

Bug Fixes

  • SMS "intro" messages are no longer mistimed with the content message and will appear together instead of potentially spread apart.
  • The course section filter now excludes dropped enrollments when searching by course section.
  • Tasks can no longer be assigned to inactive users.
  • Manually "un-excusing" a student in Aviso Attendance now correctly marks their record as unexcused.
  • External logging for Aviso Accelerate now captures long error messages that were previously discarded.
  • An edge case in the applications tab that caused applications to not appear was fixed.
  • 404 errors on some custom reports is resolved.


  • Student visibility of followers. Subscription labels can now be configured to specify if followers with that label should be visible to the student. A generic Follower label has been added for any unlabeled subscriptions. See here for more information.
  • Health check notifications. You can now specify a "support" email address to receive notifications when an SIS feed is out of date. See here for more information.

6.16.0 - 3/12/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue when saving Academic Plan Templates in Admin when special characters were in the name of the template
  • Fixes issue where some alerts would not appear in the staff/faculty alert widget on the dashboard
  • Fixes UI border issue on the task dashboard widget
  • Fixes caching issues with the SIS import process

6.15.0 - 3/5/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where restricting streams for the SIS Import process did not work correctly.
  • Fixes issue regarding validation of start and end times for course section schedule elements.
  • Fixes issue where some texts sent by staff were not converted to email when they could not be sent as texts.
  • Fixes issue where pie chart report builder widgets would flash the table representation of the data when the widget was refreshed.
  • Fixes issue where mobile attendance push notifications were not getting sent out.
  • Fixes issue with text message responses when the student has the same phone number as another student.
  • Limits report builder executions to three minutes.


Aviso Student Promotional Pop-Up

For schools that have purchased the mobile app, students will now see the pop-up shown below. This allows them to either send themselves an SMS message with a link to the app, or they can click on either app store badge to take them to the mobile app on those app stores.



Extract Queries for Accelerate Institutions

This enhancement will allow admins to view and edit queries for specific data streams if their institution is using the Accelerate product. In Admin - SIS Integration - Datafeeds there is a new column added called Extract Queries. This column has two options, View and Configure. The View option will take the user to all of the queries that are run for the specific datafeed. The Configure option will take the user to the configuration of the queries run for the specific datafeed. This column can be seen in the picture below.



Test Score Deletion Support

Support for test score deletion has been added to our product and can be accessed through the datafeeds screen. To access this, navigate to the datafeeds screen and click the View option for test score under the Imported Data column. This will take the user to the following screen where they can delete the specified test scores.



6.14.0 - 2/26/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where the Transcript Tab on a student would show courses that have been "Purged"
  • Fixes issue where attendance could be opened twice by double-clicking the open attendance button
  • Fixes issue where charts generated with the Report Builder would only include the first 10 entries from the resulting query
  • Fixes issue where users could not edit the body to an SMS scheduled message
  • Fixes caching issues related to the data import process
  • Fixes issue where date filtering on Report Builder did not load the ago/from now setting properly
  • Adds help text to the Alert screen in Admin

6.13.0 - 2/19/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue with the report builder where the generated columns would appear as blank in some cases
  • Fixes issue where the Features configuration in Admin (Institution - Features) could default to a different value after an app update.


  • All users can now send messages to any other user in the system except for users with the archived status. When viewing the message thread, users will not be able to navigate to other user's profiles that they do not have access to see.

6.12.0 - 2/12/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where the status of a person's application record would not update correctly
  • Fixes issue where duplicate names would appear when assigning a task to a user
  • Fixes issue where filtering on the student type property would not take into account the start and end date of the assigned type
  • Fixes issue where the health status for the LMS Enrollment Import and Reply-To would often show unhealthy when they were healthy


Bulk Tasks and Action Plans

It is now possible to create tasks or action plans for an entire filter of students.  Simply select the filter you would like to create tasks for, and press one of the two new buttons in the navbar (you will only see these buttons if you have permission to access tasks)


Clicking on 'Task' will open the following modal:


You can choose a template, or create a new task from scratch.  You will several new options in the "Assign To" field:screenshot-localhost_8080-2021.02.12-16_23_20.png

These fields allow you to dynamically change who the task is assigned to.  You can also assign all tasks to one person by selecting them in the dropdown. Tasks will save in the background, so depending on the size of your filter, it may take a few minutes for you to see them on each student's profile.

To create an action plan, click on the Action Plan button and select an action plan template from the list


Action plans will not be assigned to students that have already been assigned that action plan.  Like tasks, action plans are saved in the background, so it may take a few minutes for you to see them in the activity feed or on students' profiles.

6.11.0 - 2/5/21


With this release, we have added date formatting to the Report Builder. Now, when making a report that has date related items as columns, the user can choose to format them in a variety of different ways. These include Year, Quarter, Year Quarter, Month, Year Month, Week, Day of Week, Day, Date, Hour and Minute. An example of this new formatting section can be seen in the picture below.



6.10.0 - 1/29/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where note types with no permitted roles were visible to everyone.
  • Fixes issue where events were added to the activity feed for private tasks.
  • Fixes issue where some students were not being removed from their courses based on the information that is received from the data feed.
  • Fixes issue where users could not create a historical meeting that happened in the past.
  • Fixes Next issue, that would show html code in a message after attempting to create an account with an existing email.
  • Fixes issue where users were unable to select some tags in the alerts dashboard widget.
  • Fixes issue where users were unable to clear certain tags from the filter in the alerts dashboard widget.


  • Academic Advisor and Success Coach information have been added to the enrollments report source.
  • Secondary Program has been added to the Attendance and Registration Detail report

6.9.0 - 1/15/21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where users could not change the assignee on tasks.
  • Fixes issue where users could not update a task's status.
  • Fixes issue where the caseload title was not present on the students page.
  • Fixes issue where success coaches were not auto-assigning.
  • Fixes issue where instructors could not see their course terms on their dashboard if they are part of a course section with two instructors.
  • Fixes issue where administrators could not upload a photo for a specific person on the person pop-up window.
  • Fixes link on the health status page for the message report.
  • Removed time component for task related items on report builder since tasks only have a date associated with them.

6.8.0 - 12/18/20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where users could not see the "Reports" tab even if they had access to a report source.
  • Fixes issue where "Staff Initiated Alert" and "Early Alert" were shown as note type options on the student message modal.
  • Fixes issue where withdrawal events were not being processed as intended 


Student Analytics

With this release we have added new analytical information to both the student filter view as well as the independent student.

  • On a filter by filter basis, users can now see analytics regarding Student Count, Tasks, Persistence Risk, Course Risk, Appointments, GPA and Credits.
  • Users can access this by clicking on a filter (not including "Everyone" or "Caseload") and then click on the "Analytics" tab on the navigation menu.

An example of this tab can be seen below.


On an individual student level, users can see analytics regarding cumulative GPA, Credits, Persistence Risk, Course Risk, Attendance and Appointments. Users can access this by navigating to the "Analytics" tab when on a student's profile. An example of this tab can be seen below.


All analytical data has been tracked since November 6th, 2020.

6.7.0 - 12/4/20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where GPA alerts were not being sent out under certain circumstances
  • The "Currently Enrolled" column on the person report source now checks to make sure the person is registered in a course section that is active and the end date is after the current day. Previously, it incorrectly checked to see if the student was in a course section where current date was between the start and end time of the section.
  • Fixes issue in the SMS Configuration in Admin where the message limit would be updated if the user changed the number limit.


In this release we have made an enhancement to Resources. We have added the ability for users to specify a website as a resource's content. Previously, the content that was shown in a resource was anything that was added to the "Description" field. In the pictures below, you can see the new interface for resources. We have added a navigation bar that shows two pages: Settings and Content. Settings holds all of the same information that this page used to with the exception of "Description" and the new "URL" field.

With these changes, if a user attempts to navigate to a resource that has it's content set as a URL rather than description, then they will be taken to a new tab in their browser to that URL. If a user attempts to navigate to a resource that has it's content set as the description, then they will be navigated to the resource as usual.







6.6.0 - 11/20/20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issues where the "Key Engagement by Team" widget shows all teams when user is not allowed to see any teams.

  • Fixes issue where the graduation date on custom reports was incorrect.

  • When editing a scheduled message, the sender would always default to the current user even if it was previously saved as the Aviso System. This has been corrected.

6.5.0 - 11/6/20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where alerts that have been automatically closed were not appearing in the activity feed.
  • Previously, last login alerts would only be created for students who have logged in at least once. Now, these alerts are created for students that have never logged in as well.
  • Removed the ability to include a comment when closing an automated alert.
  • Fixes issue, where users with the "Analyst" role could not see certain parts of the Admin screen that they were supposed to see.
  • Fixes issue where it was not possible to search for people who do not have any roles on the Notes tab.
  • Fixes issue where filtering an activity feed containing both notes and closed alerts, will display open alerts as well.
  • Adds validation to imported financial aid amounts


Enabled/Disable Features in Admin

With this release, we have added a new feature in the Admin section of our product that allows administrators to turn on and off certain features within our product. The features that are available to be turned on and off are SMS Messaging, External Calendar Integration, and Aviso Student. As some of these are supplemental features, turning a feature on may cause your institution to be billed.

Displayed below, is a picture of this feature. It can be accessed by going to the "Institution" section on the sidebar and then by navigating to the "Features" section on the following page.


6.4.0 - 10/23/20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where user's were unable to deactivate schedule messages.
  • Fixes issue where user's were unable to edit a cancelled meeting in certain cases.
  • Fixes issue where the "Key Engagement Scores By Team" widget would show an error message when it was loading data.
  • Fixes issue where an error would be thrown when the Achievement Report is run with a date filter.
  • Fixes issue where users were not able to send a message to an instructor via the Courses tab.
  • Fixes issue where some Activity filter check boxes would not function as intended.
  • Fixes issue where some warnings on Report Builder widgets were not displaying correctly.
  • Additional safeguards have been made around messaging in order to prevent unintended behavior from occurring.


Student List Filters

Students can now be filtered by their minority status. A student will be considered a minority if their ethnicity is Hispanic or if their race is specified AND their race is not white. Below are examples of what inputs will label a student as a minority.

    • If Ethnicity is Hispanic the student will always be considered a minority
    • If Ethnicity is not Hispanic and their race is not white, they will be considered a minority
    • If Ethnicity is not Hispanic and their race is white, they will NOT be considered a minority
    • If Ethnicity is not Hispanic and their race is not specified, they will NOT be considered a minority


6.3.4 - 10/16/20


Bulk Actions

We've added the ability to create an alert or note for each student in a filter.  We've also improved our UI for sending a message to a filter from the students page.  These bulk actions can be performed in two places-- in the secondary navigation bar above a feed for a filter


or in the menu for a particular filter, which you can reach by clicking on the three dots next to a filter


Clicking any of these bulk actions will open a modal.

Like creating an alert for a particular student, when you create an alert for all students in a filter, you can select an Alert Reason, enter a comment, and depending on whether the alert is configured to be sent to students, enter an internal comment.


Also, much like creating a note for an individual student, when creating a note for each student in a filter, you can select note types and enter a note using our rich text editor.screenshot-dev.avisoapp.com-2020.10.13-11_55_07.png

Bulk alerts and notes are limited to 10,000 students and will save in the background.  It may take a few seconds for you to see the alerts or notes you've created.

When sending a message to a filter, you will now see a modal instead of being redirected to the Messages page:mceclip0.png

Don't worry, you can still select a Filter in the Messages page if you need to send a text message.

Filter By List of Student Ids

You'll see a new box at the bottom of the filter modal titled "Student List"screenshot-dev.avisoapp.com-2020.10.14-11_02_17.png

Inserting a list of student ids separated by commas or a new lines will limit the filter to the students with those ids.  The other filters you specify will still apply.  For example, if you have three students (1,2, and 3) and student 1 has a high persistence risk, then inserting 1,2,3 into the box and selecting High Persistence Risk will only return student 1.  This list is just another filter you can apply to further filter your students.  Of course, you are free to use it on its own without any additional filtering.  Please note - this option is only for New Filters and will not work on Temporary Filters. 

6.3.0 - 10/9/20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue at some institutions where an error was created when alerts were saved with outreaches
  • Fixes issue where the updater of a task in some cases would appear to be a different staff member
  • Fixes issue where staff could send SMS messages that were above 160 characters
  • Fixes issue where the Schedule Message page must refresh after the user adds a message template to the message
  • Fixes issue on mobile where an error was thrown if a student did not have an advisor or success coach
  • Fixes issue where the Application Status Filter was not visible on the Student's Filter
  • Fixed issue where using the "is empty" and "is not empty" filtering operators would prevent a report builder report from saving due to validation errors.
  • Fixes issue where report builder Excel export was not using the specified row limit saved on the report.
  • Fixes issue where report builder reports occasionally caused an error in certain situations.


Student List Filters

Students can now be filtered by the following new conditions:

  • Age
    • Shows students whose age is within certain values.
  • Student Status Include/Exclude
    • Shows students whose status matches/doesn’t match the selected value(s).

Staff Initiated Alerts

When creating Staff Initiated Alerts emails, users can now use the variable earlyAlertCreatedDate in their alert message template in Admin.


Email domains for an institution, which are used to allow Aviso Student users to register for and begin using the Aviso Student mobile app, can be configured in Administration on the Institution page.


6.2.1 - 10/2/20

Aviso Student Users List

We have added a new page in Admin where administrators can see users that have logged in to the Aviso Student mobile app. The page is called "Aviso Student Users". On this page, admins are able to search for student as well as filter students by when they first logged in to the app.

The users shown on this page are ones that have logged in to the app, but not necessarily users that have the app downloaded. We are currently working on a solution to determine if a user has deleted the app from their phone. Once this is complete, we will make additions to this page that will allow admins to filter by if the students has deleted the app or not.

This page will only be available if the institution has purchased the Aviso Student.


6.2.0 - 9/25/20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where dropped courses were being displayed in the “My Schedule” portion of the meeting scheduler
  • Removes the academic plan link on a student's profile when academic planning is not enabled
  • Disables the follow button on a student when the staff member does not have permission to follow students
  • Fixes issue in reports where duplicate tags sometimes appear within the same row
  • Fixes issue where the delete button was not being displayed on a student's "Docs" tab for OneDrive sourced files
  • Fixes issue where course information was not appearing in the alerts report for staff-initiated alerts created from the course roster page
  • Fixes issue where clicking help on an existing report shows an error

Minor Changes

  • Updated event templates to support the terms to represent advisors and coaches
  • Administration
    • Miscellaneous UI style updates
    • Adds searching and "To Excel" options on the Buildings page
    • Adds tabular layout for the schedule that is shown on the course section detail page 
  • Excel exports for reports have been limited to 10,000 rows
  • Meetings created with the Google Calendar integration will now display a "Join Google Meet" option
  • Alerts now display formatted description text on the activity and alerts feeds
  • Clicking on a task status brings up will now open the task update modal
  • Warning text has been added to the documents tab to tell faculty how sharing a document affects what documents a student is able to see.

Students List Filtering

Students can now be filtered by the following new conditions:

  • Races Include/Exclude
    • Shows students whose race matches/doesn’t match the selected value(s).
  • Gender
    • Shows students whose gender matches the selected value.
  • Tags Exclude
    • Shows students who do not have the selected tag(s).
  • High Schools Include/Exclude
    • Shows students who do/do not have a record of attending the selected high school(s).
  • Student Types Include/Exclude
    • Shows students whose student type matches/doesn’t match the selected value(s).
  • Degrees Exclude
    • Shows students who are not associated with the selected degree(s).
  • Programs Exclude
    • Shows students who are not associated with the selected program(s).
  • Primary Address City
    • Shows students whose primary address city matches the given query.
  • Primary Address State
    • Shows students whose primary address state matches the given query.
  • Primary Address Zip Code
    • Shows students whose primary address zip code matches the given query.

6.1.0 - 9/14/20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where students were unable to download documents from the Documents tab.
  • Administrators are now able to sort and filter groups in the file manager
  • Fixes display issue on Admin pages where there was white space covering the bottom of the screen
  • We are no longer displaying grade change events in the activity feed
  • Fixes issue where notes were displaying out of order
  • Fixes issue with permissions regarding seeing alerts tab on a student's profile
  • Fixes issue where the text for an alert was not being displayed correctly
  • Fixes issue where some instructors were unable to send a student their Academic Plan.
  • Fixes issue where users without access to the Report Sources screen would only see a blank screen if visit it. They now see a warning message telling them that they do not have permission
  • Fixes issue where an instructor with a caseload of one student would always see that student when on the student page.
  • Report Sources and Columns now have descriptive text

Aviso Engage


We have added a new page in Admin located under the "Locations & Buildings" section on the sidebar called "Buildings". On this page Admins can see what buildings are defined for an institution. They are also able to edit a building so that they can change the latitude, longitude and the option on whether the coordinates should update when the SIS import occurs.

6.0.9 - 8/31/20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue on courses tab for a student's profile where the active term would be the last term instead of the current term
  • We no longer create grade change events in the activity feed for the first time a grade is recorded, and we have removed events in the activity feed generated from a grade first being recorded.
  • Fixes issue where the Attendance and Registration Detail report was not exporting data to Excel correctly
  • Fixes issue where certain filters were displayed for the activity feed when users did not have access to them.
  • Fixes issue where "Aviso System" was not an option to select when sending text messages.

Aviso Engage

Staff Profile

We have added Campus, Birthday, Addresses, Gender, Race, and Ethnicity fields to the staff profile.

Activity Filter

We have added Birthdays as an option to select for the activity feed.

Aviso Student (Mobile App)


We have added an option for users to filter the list of messages to just unread. When this option is turned off, it will show all messages including ones that are unread. A picture of this can be seen below.



We have updated the resource detail page to show the whole description element. This was done in order to give the website or information given first class citizenship. The details that were initially shown on this screen can now be accessed by clicking the info icon in the top right of the header. As you can see below, a modal will pop up with the relevant information.

Image_from_iOS__2_.png Image_from_iOS__1_.png 

6.0.4 - 8/17/20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where some email messages sent within Aviso are displayed with no content.
  • Fixes issue where the From, Sent, To and Subject fields are not removed from an email message before being displayed as an Aviso message
  • Fixes issue in Admin where a few options in the sidebar would not display as active when the user is currently on that page
  • Fixes issue in Aviso Next where inactive meeting locations were being shown as a possible selection for students
  • Fixes issue with notes where they were not importing correcting from institution's SIS.
  • Fixes issue on the students page where a few temporary filter fields were not saving correctly
  • Fixes issue where attempted credits were not being shown in the student's courses tab

Aviso Engage

Excused Absences

As per this release, we are enhancing our current excused absence functionality. Previously, instructors would have to create excused absence rules (available on the Excused Absences page) in order to mark a student as excused. Now, instructors are able to mark a student as excused directly on their course attendance page in addition to having the ability to create excused absence rules. As seen in the screenshot below, the user is able to click on the "Excused" button to mark a student as excused. One important factor to note is that a student can now be excused AND absent, tardy or present. Excused is no longer it's own status, it is dependent on other statuses as well.


This change effects how attendance and first week attendance alerts operate. For example, on an attendance alert, the user is able to create rules determining how they would like the alert to fire. Previously, this would fire when a certain amount of absences was met. But, the administrator can now configure it so that it includes excused absences as well. This can be seen in the screenshot below.


Similarly, first week attendance alerts allowed the administrator to determine what attendance statuses they would like the alert to fire on. And as stated above, excused used to be its own status. Instead of selecting it as a status now, the administrator can select the attendance statuses they would like and then they can select a checkbox that will alert on excused absences. This can be seen in the screenshot below.


Location Based Attendance

We have also been able to release another enhancement to the Courses page that goes hand in hand with our Aviso Student app. This enhancement allows instructors to enforce a location for their attendance taking. This will only allow students that are within a preset location radius to submit their attendance. An instructor is able to enforce location for attendance by first clicking the open attendance button in the secondary navigation bar. They will then see a modal (as displayed in the picture below) which has two options. The first option is the duration they would like to have attendance open for. The second option is a checkbox that will enforce the location if checked.


The location that this is used is based off of the building that is associated with the specific course section. This information is imported from an institution's SIS. Administrators are able to set the radius distance used to enforce the location. An administrator can change this value by going to the Attendance Configuration section of Admin.

If a course section does not have a location associated with it, the instructor will not be able to enforce the location for attendance. Instead of seeing the both the duration and location checkbox in the modal shown above, they will instead only see the duration.

6.0.1 - 7/31/20

Aviso Engage

Students Page

Activity Feed

As part of this release we have overhauled the current Students page with some exciting new features. Some of these are UI changes to make the pages more appealing, but we have also introduced a new feature that we call the Activity Feed. This feature is designed to give staff members deeper insight into specific events and actions that students and staff are taking through Aviso. An example of this activity feed can be seen in the picture below. Here we have selected a filter on the left sidebar and an activity feed was automatically generated for the filter on the right hand side. In this specific example, the user is able to see items such as tasks being completed, students viewing their academic plan, and alerts being raised for a student. This page is scrollable as well so there are many more items on this list that are not shown. And as always, these items are permissioned according to the current user's roles.


On this feed, users are able to filter it according to what they want to see. The possible events/items that a user is able to filter on are Alerts, Achievements, Meetings, Notes, Surveys, Tasks, Resource Shares, Academic Plan, Courses, Attendance, Comments, Followings, Success Team Assignments, and Orientation Completions. In order to filter on these items, the user can click on the blue link to the left of the "People" link. Once they do that, they will be shown a modal similar to the picture below. Here they are able to select everything that they would like to appear in their feed. On top of this, the user can use the "People" filter to filter out items or events that were created by that specific person. Users are also able to filter by date.

A new feature that comes with this activity feed is the ability of users to comment on specific items shown in the feed. This can be accomplished by clicking the "Comment" button at the bottom of any item in the feed.


What has just been shown is the activity feed generated by filters, but an activity feed also exists on each person in the system. Something similar has existed in the past on each person, but was quite limited compared to what we have now. This activity feed works almost exactly the same as the feed on student filters, but it is limited to the specific student. One important distinction is that users can comment directly on a specific student's activity feed whereas users can only comment on events on the activity feed from student filters. This can be achieved by clicking the "Comment" button in the top right hand corner of the activity feed just to the right of the date filtering section. An example of a student's activity feed can be seen below.


Alerts Tab

Along with the Activity Feed, we have also decided to turn the Alerts Tab into a feed that can be filtered. Within the Alerts tab, users are able to see a running list of alerts opened for a student as well as any actions that have been taken regarding the alert. The filters that users can take on this feed include Alert Types, Alert Reasons, People, Alert Status and dates. An example of this Alerts Tab can be seen below.


Notes Tab

Similar to the Alerts Tab, we have also turned the Notes Tab into a feed. The filters that can be used on this page are Note Types, People and dates. An example of this page can be seen below.



Other features that were added as part of this change with the students page include:

  • Updated UI for all tabs on the person page
  • A new field was added on the student filter called "Has Open Alerts". Choosing this option will only return students that currently have open alerts


We have added a new feature in our system that will allow users to select a voluntary outreach option when closing an alert for a student. These outreaches can be configured by an administrator in the Admin section of our product. An outreach can have a type that can be one of the following: Email, Text Message, Phone Call, Scheduled Appointment, In-Person (Non-scheduled), None or Other. This can be accessed when closing an alert. In order to close an alert, a staff member would click on the alert in the Alerts Tab which will be displayed similarly to the first image below. On this modal, the staff member would click the "Close Alert" Button in the top left corner, which would then bring them to a page similar to the second image below. Here the staff member can select what outreach they used in order to close the alert and add any comment that they deem necessary.


Report Builder

Another exciting addition that we have made for this release is the Report Builder. This feature will allow users to create their own reports based upon all main sources of content that we display in Aviso. The baked in reports that exist as of today will still be listed on the Reports page along with any new reports created by users.

In order to create a new report the user will navigate to "Reports" in the primary navigation bar and then select "New Report" in the secondary navigation bar. Here the user will see a list of everything that they can report on. These report sources include items such as Messages, Alerts, People and over 20 more. Once the user has decided on what they want to report on they will then be directed to the page shown below.


Here, the user can enter the name and description of their new report. Below those fields are items directly related to the report that will be generated: Columns, Filters, Ordering, Other Settings and Chart.

  • Columns
      • There are many different columns that can be attributed to specific report sources, so this section allows the user to add as few or as many columns as they like.
  • Filters
      • The user can add filters on any column that is currently added to the report. Using filters will allow users to restrict some data from coming back.
      • For example, a user could be using the Alert report source, but only wants open alerts to be returned. In this case, the user would filter on the closed date column and select the "is empty" option as the closed date would not have a value yet.
  • Ordering
      • This allows the user to choose what column they would like the data to be ordered by and if it should be ascending or descending.
  • Other settings
      • There are two miscellaneous settings in this section. They are page size and max rows to export to excel.
      • The page size is relevant for the table generated when running the report.
  • Chart
      • In addition to the table that is returned from running the report, the user can also opt to generate a chart from the data.
      • The available charts to generate are Donut, Pie, Area, Line, Vertical Bar, and Horizontal Bar.

After the user has filled out all of theses fields and saved their report, they will be directed to a screen similar to the picture below.

  • Here they can run their report by clicking the "Run" button in the secondary navigation menu.
  • This will generate the table of data that the user has selected as well as a chart if they opted in to display one.
  • On top of this, the user is able to edit this report, export the data to excel (max rows to export is 10,000) or look at details regarding the report.



With the addition of the Report Builder, we added some exciting new functionality to Dashboards that allows users to showcase their custom built reports on their personal dashboard. We have also added the ability users to customize the layout of their dashboard. 

In order for a user to add a report to their dashboard, they must first go to the edit dashboard page which can be accessed by clicking the "Edit Dashboard" button in the top right of the home page.

  • Once here, the user can click "Add Widgets" on any section.
  • Upon clicking this, the user will be presented with a modal of all premade widgets they can add as well as any report that they have created.
  • After the reports have been added the user will be able to select if they want the report to be displayed as a table of data or as a chart.
  • For example, in the picture below, the user has added four different reports which can be denoted by the buttons on them titled "Grid" and "Chart".


After the report has been saved, the user can then navigate back to their dashboard to see the changes. The results from our previous example can be seen below. The reports "Notes Created in Last 30 Days", "Alerts by Type" and "Academic Plans by Status" were all modified to be charts whereas "Messages Sent by Type This Year" was selected to be a table.


As said previously, users are now also able to create different layouts for their dashboard.

The last two pictures are examples of that.

  • Instead of the default 66%/33% layouts used previously, a 33%/33%/33% layout was used.
  • If a user would like to change their dashboard layout, they would navigate to the edit dashboard page and modify the value in the Layout section.
  • After clicking this option, a modal will appear showing all of the different layouts a user can choose.

This can be seen in the picture below. The only thing that they user will have to do after choosing a layout, is to rearrange their widgets to their liking and save.


File Manager

Another addition that we have made with this release is our File Manager system. This feature is intended to help reduce the time needed to add documents to a student's documents tab on their profile. Instead of having to add a document manually for each student that needs it, an administrator can upload a list of documents prefaced with the student's id and it will be added to their profile automatically. Currently this feature is only supported with Microsoft OneDrive. 

  • To begin using this feature, your institution must first open a support request with us.
  • After that we will need to do some configuration on our side and we will also need to work with your institution's Azure administrator to finish the setup process.

After we have setup your institution with this feature, your institution can begin using this by going to Admin-Advanced-File Manager.

  • When the user reaches this page they will be prompted to login to their OneDrive account so that it will be linked with Aviso.
  • Once this has taken place, the user can select the specific drive that they want to upload the files to.

From here they should see a screen similar to the picture below.


After the user has reached this page, they can create a new folder to upload the specific documents to.

  • This folder name will be the name of the document as it appears on each student's profile.
  • Once the folder is created, the user can upload all of the necessary documents that are prefaced by student's ids.
  • For example, in the first picture below, we uploaded three syllabi for three different students under the folder ENG 101 Syllabus. 
      • After these files have been uploaded, they will now be shown on the student's profile under the Docs tab.
      • This can be seen in the second picture below. 
      • It should also be noted that the documents that appear in the Admin screen will be directly effected by any changes made in the OneDrive account.
      • So for example, if a file is deleted in the OneDrive account, it will also be deleted here as well.



Thank you for reading and we hope that you enjoy the new features that were added for this release!

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