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We look forward to sharing our monthly newsletter that will pair best practices with Aviso Engage features and functionality, upcoming opportunities/events, spotlights and new releases/enhancements. For those that are new to Aviso, we are a student retention solution that assists our partners in keeping students on a path to success. We bring together People, Process and Technology to optimize the chances of student success, and avoid attrition. Visit our website or learn more about Aviso with a short video here.


Getting Started Features

The Aviso Home Page is where you can view alerts, events and activities and set up a customized dashboard that meets your needs. Stay up to date on those students you are focusing on. You can also elect to receive a Daily Digest email each morning that provides an abbreviated list of caseload activity delivered right to your email inbox. Customize which widgets are most important to you. Need to see Open Alerts, alerts by Type, Messages received by students or quickly view the rate at which your academic plans have been completed. 


New Enhancement: Analytics

We are excited to announce the release of Student Analytics. With this release we have added new analytical information to both the student filter view as well as when selecting an individual student. On a filter by filter basis, users can now see analytics regarding Student Count, Tasks, Persistence Risk, Course Risk, Appointments, GPA and Credits. Read the full release here.


Resources and Readings



This past November marked The Inaugural Aviso User Summit. Help us in congratulating The Aviso Aspire Award Winner, Central Carolina Community College, and the full list of awards can be be found here. Also, in case you missed it or want to listen again Aviso User Summit 2020 Session Recording. 


Congratulations to Central Carolina Community College (pictured above)


Did you know Aviso offers a student mobile app, Aviso Student. Aviso Student is a native mobile app that guides students on their individualized journeys to success. From onboarding to graduation, and everything in between!


Popular Trainings

Advanced Success Coach

  • Through training, institutional staff will be able to individualize coaching strategies to ensure their communication with each student leads to uncovering potential obstacles and allows for appropriate resources and interventions to be applied. This workshop allows institutions to look at student interactions as an opportunity to proactively and positively impact the student leading to their success at the institution. 

Advanced Report Builder

  • This workshop will be based on key hallmarks of the reporting tools within Aviso Engage. Aviso staff will conduct advanced report training to ensure best practices are understood and align with institutional goals. 

*Contact your Client Success representative for details.


Student Success Coaching Best Practices

This is a small part of the Advanced Success Coach Training that has proven methods to help students succeed. Every month you can look here for ways to utilize Aviso features and functionality to proactively engage with students. Here is a preview of what to expect for the entire Spring Semester.

  • Week 0: Student Preparedness
  • Weeks 1-3: Student Engagement
  • Weeks 4-8: Student Support (February issue)
  • Weeks 9-12: Action Planning (March issue)
  • Weeks 13-16: Retention & Completion (April issue)

Best practices for the start of the term

  • Customize your dashboard by adding widgets/reports to get accurate and timely student data.
  • Utilize Aviso to send messages to your caseload/students with a few simple clicks.
  • Identify any new students to your caseload/course with the Aviso filter function found on the student tab. Early intervention helps students feel welcomed and comfortable and gives them an outlet should they encounter challenges.
  • Identify resources that should be utilized and work to have them uploaded to the resource tab of Aviso for quick and easy sharing.

Weeks 1-3: Student Engagement Tips

  • Build a filter to directly message students. The student tab allows you to quickly segment students by campus, course & persistence risk levels, tags, degrees, GPA, programs, courses, registration terms, gender, race, and much more.
  • Save any created filter(s) and use the three dots to the right of the saved filter name to quickly send bulk messages to this group or click on the Action Menu where you can take bulk actions and send messages, send an alert, add a note or send a survey to that filtered list of students easily.
  • Quickly add a note to the student record by checking add a note prior to sending a message. Attendance/last login (online courses) information can be found on the individual student record under courses. Find a short video on filtering here.


Aviso Features

The Student Profile tab allows you to quickly orient yourself to a student and take swift action. From this tab you can view: persistence risk indicator, course completion risk indicators, success team, contact information, alerts, achievements, birthdate, program, degree, campus, cumulative GPA, holds, and tags.





Identify the top three success & risk factors with the persistence risk indicator. Click on the persistence bar to the right of the student name. For course completion risk, click on the Courses Tab and click on each of the courses to see the course risk indicator along with the top success & risk factors per course. Using predictive analytics is a great way to prioritize your student outreach. Check out this blog to learn how Pam Wiggins and Randolph CC did this to reach students and drive higher retention amongst at risk populations.

Review background information and/or uncover obstacles: Review the student profile for prior notes, alerts, test scores and more.


Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed reading our first ever Aviso Newsletter! We will continue to send these out every month to keep our community up to date on the latest research, resources, and updates. If you have any questions, please email your Client Success Rep.




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