Bulk File Upload via SS&E File Manager


Before using File Manager, make sure you've taken the steps to set up File Manager Administration by following instructions in this article: Setting up SS&E File Manager.

What is File Manager?

Student Success & Engagement's File Manager allows you to quickly upload a set of documents to Microsoft OneDrive and attach them to students' profiles. 

How does File Manager work?

  • SS&E expects files to be placed in a folder and prefixed with students' ids
  • The name of the folder will be the title of the document shown on the document tab. 

For example, your folder may look something like this:

Progress Report
   - 17293847.pdf
   - 13729384.pdf
     - 19834729.pdf

Once your folder is ready:

  1. Upload it to your Institution's OneDrive account.
  2. Then, in SS&E Administration, go to File Manager, under the Advanced menu. 
  3. After logging in and selecting your group, you should see files that have been uploaded to OneDrive. 

This documentation will describe how to upload files and folders via SS&E, but you can also upload files from OneDrive. 

In order to upload files via SS&E:

1. First create a folder by pressing the New button in the top left.


2. You will be prompted with the following modal:


3. Remember that the name of the folder will be the title of the document that is shown on each student's documents tab.

4. Once you've created your folder and navigated into it, you can upload your files. 

5. Press The "Upload & Link" button. 

  • You'll be presented with a file viewer where you can select multiple files at the same time.
  • On Windows, you can select all the files in a folder by pressing Ctrl+a. 
  • Make sure that the files you upload are prefixed with each student's id. 


6. All the files will be uploaded and linked to students' documents tab.

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