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Student Success Story 

Here at Midland University we have a recognition program, Warrior Herogram. This recognition program offers Midland faculty and staff a way to acknowledge and express appreciation for co-workers who go above and beyond, making a difference in everyday work life.

In the Student Success Center we have decided to nominate someone weekly for a Warrior Herogram who has submitted more than the bare minimum information into Aviso. This additional information helps advisors and the students support network reach out and support these students as much as possible and really provide wrap around services. When we nominate someone for a Warrior Herogram we specifically call them an "Awesome Aviso Advocate". Our hope is to have more people on campus see how important the usage of Aviso is for faculty, staff and our students.

Rachel Wachter Director of Student Success

Midland University


Harmony | Responsibility | Discipline | Consistency | Developer


New Releases

First, for those of you who have been waiting to have Followers visible to Students to expand your Success Team, we now allow for a subscription label to be marked as visible to the student.  Subscription labels can now be configured to specify if followers with that label should be visible to the student. For example, do you want an Athletic Coach to be visible to the student as part of their Success Team?  You can use (or add) a Subscription Label, assign that to a Following Rule and then mark that subscription label as visible.  Learn more about the Visibility of Followers to Students here.  Need more help with this process?  Contact our Client Success team and we will be sure to help! 

In addition, instead of looking at the Health Status page to ensure your datafeeds are healthy, we will now have Health Check Notifications.  You can now specify a "support" email address that will proactively inform when a SIS feed is out of date and we are asking that each institution makes this update by April 2nd, 2021. Navigate to the administration screen, Institution, edit and add the appropriate email to SIS Health Notification Address as pictured below. You can also read more about this feature here. Helpful Hint: We suggest configuring a team email if one does not already exist to ensure multiple campus staff members are informed if needed. 



The Watermark Student App is now compatible with the Apple Watch! Students will see push notifications, meeting reminders and class schedules at a glance! Read more here!


Please feel free to contact your Client Success Staff or email your Client Success Manager

with any questions.


Best Practices: Scheduling & Advising 

Who has yet to Register? How can we easily remind them to do so? Listen to this video that guides you through the following features.

Every term brings new challenges. It often feels like we are working to stay above water during registration peaks. With this in mind, it can be hard to catch all the students who have yet to register and remind them to make advising appointments in order to complete this process.

This is where the power of Aviso can make this hectic time feel a little more controllable! Using key features will help faculty and staff understand quickly and easily who to reach out to. If thinking about this in steps, the first one would be to use Filters. If a Success Coach would like to understand who has yet to register, creating a filter including the previous terms registration but excluding the current registration term is the perfect solution to obtain a list of students who attended last semester but have yet to register.

The next step would then be to Assign a Task. Tasks are a great way to outline "to-do" items for students while staying up-to-date on their progress towards completion. So in this case, the Task could look something like "Schedule a Meeting with Your Advisor". When the student has completed the item or list of items, Aviso's easy to use Student View allows each student or staff member to mark that task complete!

Best Practices: Proactive Outreach Prior to Drop Date

Key to the success of any student outreach is being proactive. Statistics indicate that when a student misses two class sessions, they are far more likely to drop. While this threshold seems small, it is critical that we understand and proactively address this pivot point.

How are we to catch every student? This is where Aviso steps in, providing the right data at the right time to ensure faculty and staff know who to reach out to and when. Institutions are able to trigger alerts around grade and attendance thresholds. In addition, these alerts can be further customized per department and/or course. It is important that each institution take a look at the specific needs of their departments to ensure they are utilizing the power of Aviso and engaging this tool to lead proactive outreach.



Accelerate provides the behind-the -scenes view to your Administrative and Technical teams. Rather than waiting for Aviso to make changes to tags and other items, Accelerate provides each institution the freedom of managing their own data! Read more about the Accelerate Upgrade here. Be sure to request more information from your Client Success Manager. 


Continuing Education Students 

We are thrilled to bring the power of Aviso to other areas of campus! Aviso can now support Continuing Education Departments in their efforts to reach students and proactively guide them through their collegiate experience no matter how short! In addition, the work needed to bring Continuing Education to your campus is minimal for your IT staff! Ask your Client Success Representative how Continuing Education Students can be included with Aviso!


If you have any questions, please email your Client Success Manager!


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