May/June Newsletter 2021


We love hearing great stories from our partners; send your stories to your Client Success Manager. Thank you Annette Joy and Western Piedmont for sharing this story with all of us.

At Western Piedmont we use Achievements regularly as a way to show students that we see them. We appreciate the opportunity to recognize students in the moment and celebrate their achievements. We’ve continued to have students thank us when we call them about their achievements. Many students have seemed truly surprised that we took the time to call and congratulate them on their hard work and achievements.

One student in particular was a part of our MMSI study that I had been working with. At the onset of the call he knew immediately I was his Success Coach and showed significant appreciation that I acknowledged his success, took the time and cared enough to reach out. More importantly to me, he was genuinely excited for the opportunity to continue to work together and grow the Success Coach-Student relationship we have started.

Annette B. Joy

Director of Early Intervention, Testing, & Work-Based Learning

Western Piedmont Community College



Students who complete tasks are 9% more likely to have a positive outcome in their current course. A great way to communicate and deliver tasks to students is through the Watermark Student mobile app:

  • Watermark Student supports multi-step Action Plans from onboarding to graduation procedures
  • Individual Tasks with due dates and resources that can help
  • Contact your Watermark Client Success Staff to learn more about how a project such as this can impact your institution.


Best Practices: Summer Self Assessment

While the job of Student Success Teams never comes to a complete stop, the Summer months can be a great time to take stock and reflect as we prepare for the upcoming academic year:

Evaluate Team Resources

This past year has meant a lot of rethinking of the way we do things. In some cases, it has also meant restructuring and/or wearing multiple hats. While multiple duties is nothing new for our teams, it is still important to understand what resources are available and where individual strengths and opportunities lie. We can start to do this through self and team evaluations. What do team members like to do, what do they excel at, where are their opportunities to grow? What are we doing as an institution and where do our people and resources fit into that plan? These evaluations are critical in creating development plans, not only for our staff and teams but for our departments.

New Processes and Procedures

In addition to looking at team resources, Summer is a great opportunity to pilot new advising models or any updated processes or procedures. To ensure teams are continuing to grow and meeting the needs of students, it is important to evaluate our departments holistically and ensure that all of our processes have the student experience in mind. Is the information the admissions department collects available to other student success teams, how are students Advisors and/or Success Coaches Assigned? When an advisor or coach assignment changes, how are students notified, how do students identify their advisor upon admission? Looking at the student lifecycle from a student perspective, are there opportunities to add additional communication or support?

Communication Management Strategy

As a part of the evaluation of processes, the communication strategy is vital to ensure staff are aligned. Arguably even more important is to make sure the institution's communication management strategy is executed seamlessly. This can impact retention and persistence for the better but also for the worse if not properly defined and executed.

Evaluate fall/spring semesters - student survey results

As an additional part of the evaluation of process, procedure and communication, institutions should have a constant pulse on student feedback. Asking the right questions through advising appointments, meetings and surveys will help to ensure the most critical voices are being heard; that of our students.

Aviso Admin screens: Examine alerts, note types, templates, tasks - People, Process & Technology

Upon looking at people and process, the final piece is technology. Are we using the right tools, are these tools helping us advance, are we using these tools in the right manner, are there areas where we can import usage to ensure we are taking advantage of the features each tool provides? From an Aviso perspective, this is a great time to take stock by going through the Administrative screens and looking at each functionality. Do you use the feature, are updates needed, how can you expand into new functionalities? Your Client Success Manager would love to be a part of these dynamic conversations; be on the lookout for an email with an Aviso Features Use Audit Sheet. In the interim, some specific areas to look into include: Alerts, Achievements, Notes, Tasks, Resources.

Refresher trainings are also a great idea especially as we return to campus. Please email your Client Success Manager with any questions.



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