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Customer Spotlight: North Central State College  

Monica Durham, Director of Student Success, Retention & Transition Services, spearheaded the FYE project on NC State College’s campus. The first step of any FYE project is a discovery visit to identify the college’s top successes in implementing the software, the remaining barriers to implementation, usage statistics, and areas for growth. This day-long conversation with both advisors and non-advising staff is key to gathering input and tailoring the project to the institution's needs. In response to their virtual discovery visit in March 2020, a set of revised outcomes for the FYE program were outlined:

  • Using Aviso to its full capabilities by implementing a monthly key feature focus
  • Creating additional training and outreach to increase faculty use
  • Revisiting alerts created during implementation
  • Aligning all technology so faculty, staff and students know which tool to choose to meet their needs.

During the FYE process, NC State upgraded technology to Accelerate to transition the ownership of data to NCSC's IT team making troubleshooting any data inconsistencies that arose and provided additional visibility into the system. Our main focus, however, was on our key feature focus that was the centerpiece of both communication and training of the advising and coaching staff at NC State College. Topics included: 

  • Resource Guide (52 new resources loaded)
  • Creating A Scheduled Message
  • Creating a Note from a Message
  • Using Early Alerts for Referrals
  • Creating Helpful Filters to Monitor Your Caseload
  • Building Custom Reports
  • Creating Tasks/Action Plans (Grew from 1 to 8 Action Plans)
  • Monitoring Key Engagements 

Results: Two of the most significant outcomes were increased utilization of both automated and staff-initiated alerts along with the usage of our messaging system to create bulk personalized outreach, especially around registration. Read the entire Case Study here


We Want To Hear From You:

These past few semesters have been challenging and ever changing. With that said we know you've been doing great work and we want to hear all about it. We'd also like to hear how Aviso has positively changed the way you work with students? We'd like to hear what you love about Aviso and how the platform has impacted the work you do.

Please send student success/positive impact stories to your Client Success Manager so that we can celebrate you! 


New Releases: 

April brought five different dates with new releases. More information on all the releases can be found at this link.



As you read above, NCSC participated in a year long FYE project to accelerate Student Success. In a post-project staff survey:

  • 100% of respondents said Aviso helped their work with students.
  • 100% of respondents also said Aviso alerts were at least moderately helpful in retaining students.
  • More than 85% said that they felt more comfortable using Aviso after the FYE project.

Contact your Client Success Staff Manager to learn more about how a project such as this can impact your institution.

Continuing Education Students

Aviso can now support Continuing Education Departments in their efforts to reach students and proactively guide them through their collegiate experience no matter how short!

The work needed to bring Continuing Education to your campus is minimal for your IT staff! Ask your Client Success Representative how Continuing Education Students can be included with Aviso!


Best Practices: Surveys & Reports

Understanding the pulse of your student body and collecting feedback is critical to renewing and revising strategies for retention and persistence.

One of the multiple ways this can be accomplished is through the Aviso Surveys function. Surveying allows the student body to provide timely feedback. Aviso’s integration with both SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics allow campuses to gain valuable insight into students' impressions of campus, if they are feeling supported and/or what their goals are. This feedback is a great platform to build programs, services and workshops around, ensuring that the student success team maintains a firm pulse on the student body. Using the integration, surveys can be sent in bulk using the bulk menu from a saved filter. A record of the survey and completion status as well as results can all be held in Aviso. View this Knowledge Base Article for further information about managing survey integration.

In addition to Surveys, the Reports area in Aviso allows for user insights. Institutions are able to create reports based on specific outcome needs. These reports can also live on users dashboards for quick and easy reference. The goal when utilizing the Aviso Reports area is to understand how data is being pulled and ensure this coincides with what type of information you are looking for. The power of reporting goes far beyond data collection. It can have an immediate impact on intervention strategy and therefore directly impact a student's retention. This can be seen from a direct or balcony perspective. For example, did you know that you can see which student will likely receive a Midterm Grade Alert prior to that alert actually being turned on? The Attendance and Registration Detail report provides these grades and therefore, we can see which students are falling below specific thresholds, prompting the alert. You can also look at alerts holistically. Did you know that you can see what types of faculty and staff initiated alerts have been sent, by alert type for the enter year? This can help the institution start to make more global decisions in regards to where to invest their time. These tools become invaluable when used to directly impact student retention and persistence.


Happy Community College Month to all our Community College Partners! Please send any questions or comments to your Client Success Manager.


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