Gmail Messaging Integration - User Setup


The Watermark Student Success & Engagement Chrome Extension allows staff users whose institutions use Google Workspace (G Suite) to save external messages sent from their Gmail account to student records within SS&E by using the Gmail Message Logging feature.

For Gmail messaging integration, please open a support ticket or reach out to your client success representative to add Gmail Message Logging to part of your institution's Watermark Student Success & Engagement product suite.

  1. Before Gmail Message Logging can be used, Gmail Message Integration must be set up by SS&E Professional Services staff along with the institution's Google Workspace Administrator.
  2. Once setup, Gmail Message Logging can be enabled by your Client Success Manager in Administration - Institution - Features. To verify this has been enabled, check here.
  3. After Gmail Message Logging is setup and enabled, in order for staff and faculty to log Gmail messages in SS&E, each user must install a Chrome browser extension and configure their User Settings (explained below).
  4. For more information about Message Logging functionality, see here.
  5. For more information about Message Logging Administration, see here.

User Instructions

The following steps explain how each staff and faculty user can setup Gmail message logging integration in order to post external messages to SS&E:

Step 1 - Connect Gmail in User Settings

Enable the G Suite Gmail Email Integration with SS&E from your individual Staff/Faculty User SettingsOnce enabled, a staff/faculty user's external/Google email (Gmail) account will be linked together with their Watermark Student Success & Engagement account.

To link the institutional Gmail account with an SS&E user account:

  1. Within SS&E, select the top right corner menu and click on Settings.
  2. Scroll to the Email Integration section.
  3. Click on "Connect Gmail".


Step 2 - Install the Chrome extension

Search the Google Chrome Web Store for "Aviso Enterprise by Watermark Chrome Extension" and install the Google Chrome Extension on your browser.


Step 3 - Login to the Chrome Extension

1) Within Gmail, click on the Watermark icon and then select the Login button.


2) Login to the Chrome Extension using your .edu email address used by the system to identify your Institution.


3) You will then be prompted for your Watermark Student Success & Engagement login credentials (username and password) in order for the system to recognize your SS&E user role and permissions.

Step 4 - Verify that the Chrome Extension is connected

Once the Gmail Messaging Integration is connected, users will be able to:

  • Log Gmail messages in SS&E by message thread.
  • Search for SS&E "people" within Gmail
  • Optionally log Gmail messages with student recipients in SS&E
  • Optionally associate non-student recipient email addresses to display in SS&E on student record(s)



To Log messages in SS&E:

 Check the "Log" checkbox on the email message/thread.


To search for an SS&E "person":

Enter the name to search on within SS&E "people":


To automatically save a student recipient Gmail message in SS&E:

  • Optionally check the "Log" checkbox to save Gmail messages on student recipients in SS&E.

To automatically save a non-student recipient Gmail message in SS&E:

  • When choosing to save a non-student recipient Gmail message within SS&E, there is an option to associate any Gmail message with an SS&E Student.
  • To associate a non-student email address recipient message with an SS&E student record, select the "Log" dropdown to select the SS&E student record to save this message thread on.
  • By design, the "Log" dropdown is limited to only display students.



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