Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for December 6, 2022

New HTML Button in Self-Study Narrative Toolbar

The HTML code button will allow a Self-Study or Program Review contributor to see all of the HTML formatting for any text in the editor by clicking the “<>” button. Users will be able to delete any formatting that is causing inconsistencies in font type or size. By pressing this button again, the HTML is hidden and the user may resume normal work.




The above image shows the HTML code button. When clicking the button the font changes from normal text to html code. Clicking on it again changes the code back to the normal text.




The above image shows the html code of the text written in the narrative which allows the users to see what may be causing formatting or font inconsistencies.


Improvements to Copying a Self-Study

We have made improvements to an administrator's ability to copy an existing Self-Study. Previously, this process required that users remain on the same page while the copy was created. With the improvements we have made, this is no longer imperative, and users can now navigate away from this page during processing. 


Please note that if the user does remain on the page while the copy processes, they will need to refresh the page in order to see the copied Self-Study.




The image above displays the user's view during processing, which will notify them of the updated functionality.


In the event that there is an error while the copy is processing, the user will be presented with the error message below. From here, users will have the opportunity to discard the copy and try again, which will restart the copying process. Previously, users in this situation would have needed to contact Watermark's Client Support for a resolution. 




The image above shows the error message and options to Discard Copy and Try Again.

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