Ability to Choose Individual Rubric Criteria with Canvas Integration

When aligning results from Canvas, leads and administrators are able to choose an individual criterion or a subset of criteria for an assignment that uses a rubric as the scoring method in Canvas. This functionality is also available when collecting Canvas assignment information from an individual faculty member for a course section.


There are two options for the faculty/assessment lead to select: Overall Rubric Score or Rubric Criteria Results.




If selecting the overall rubric score, the Assessment Lead, Faculty Member, or Administrator needs to enter the overall score required for the score to be considered as met or not met.


If the Rubric Criteria results option is selected, the user can select the met threshold for that particular rubric criteria. The criteria selected will have particular proficiency levels and they will populate accordingly with an option to select what is considered met/not met for each criterion.




If more than one criterion is selected, a separate graph will appear for each one showing the percentage of Met/Not Met. 




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